Saturday, September 12, 2009

Goodies from GrandDaddy

And so my Dad arrived safely home from his trip to London. I did not bother to ask him much about his business in London. As long as I know he's not wasting his money on scammers, I am perfectly happy. But the best part about Daddy going to London? Souvenirs!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, none for Mummy (not that I am complaining since my Dad does not have the "right" taste!), but he practically splurged his whole souvenir budget on Aiden! Obviously, Aiden is enjoying the perks of being his ONLY grandson! *grin*

Love the uniqueness of this Harrods teddy. Check out the UK flag on the teddy's muffler scarf!

Aiden checking out his new bow + vest + white shirt combo, ready for use at the next formal black tie event!

Aiden grabbing a handful of his new Hackett shirt. Apparently grandaddy handpicked this one out for Aiden himself. Wow, granddaddy has taste after all!

Mummy's new task - get a similar Hackett shirt for Daddy!

The rest of the lot. Where else, but from Marks & Spencer!

Thank you Granddaddy! Lots of hugs and wet sloppy kisses from Aiden.

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