Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Of Homemade Kuih Raya

I had a flood of comments (on FB) and queries on my recent proclamation about my homemade kuih raya. Mostly were “Are you sure you made those?” or “Beli kut???!!!”. I have to admit, I was never the domesticated type! But since my stepsister made my house her second home, she would push me to try out her grandmother’s kuih raya recipe, every single night! Finally, I relented.

So, feast your eyes on picture proof that I made those nyummy Raya cookies!

First stop, Kuih Makmur (don’t know what this is in English)!

Firstly, roll up the secret mixture into balls.

Shape it into a sampan and put some crushed nuts into it. Then roll it again, this time into bite-sized balls. Ensure that the nuts remain in the ball!

Bite-sized balls, ready to pop into the oven. Make sure you glaze your pans with butter!

Freshly baked kuih makmur out of the oven. I zoomed into the picture to show you the texture of the balls. See the cracks? Well, that's a sign of a good kuih makmur. Because when you pop it into your mouth, it will instantaneously melt! *faints in delight*

Last step. Coat the balls with icing sugar. Tadaaa! It's done!

Second stop, Tat Nenas (Pineapple Tarts)! By the time we made this it was already close to midnight. I had a business trip the next day, but I continued making these till the wee hours of the night!

The tart mix. Pineapple paste was purchased from the nearby store, so it wasn't our usual brand of paste. Hubby had to rush to any store which was open, as the decision to make the tarts was done last minute!

The pan was glazed with butter, but it made rolling the mix difficult as the mix tends to stick to the pan. So we transferred it to a non glazed pan. Lesson learnt, should not have done that! See the after pictures on why.

Ini siapa punya kerja nie! Disfigured tarts!

Freshly rolled pineapple tarts.

Don't forget to coat the top with egg yolk!

Rows and rows of freshly rolled pineapple tarts:

Sikit lagi, sikit lagi! By this time it was nearly 2am. Aacckk!!! I have a plane to catch in less than 4 hours!

The end result. Siapa gatal tangan tak nak coat the pan with butter? Dah melekat! So we saved what we could into balang kuih. The rest? Went into our tummies of course!

What? You want the recipe? Sorry! Ini warisan turun temurun, mana boleh share! *grin*

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