Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aiden and Ayesha

A couple of pictures I snapped during a short After-Work-Drinks I had with Iza at Apartment, KLCC about a week ago. Thanks to Iza being on leave (so she had Ayesha with her) and my sister (for being an angel for picking up Aiden at home after work before heading to KLCC), Aiden and Ayesha finally met outside the comforts of home!

Ayesha is a year (actually only 5 months) older than Aiden, so I guess Aiden will call her Kak Ayesha? Hehehehe so adorable!

Aiden: Mummy, why am I feeling so shy all of a sudden? Is this how boys should react to girls? Is this normal?

Ayesha: *making the bold move* So what's so interesting under the table?

Aiden: Oh hello, Ayesha! *pura pura tak nampak lah before konon*

Ayesha:Ooohhh what's happening out there?

Ayesha: *again making another bold move* See, look, I am touching your chair!

Aiden: Look Aunty Iza, she crossed the boundary first. So now I am allowed to touch her, okay?

Ayesha: Before you touch me, let me show you the "kangaroo" move!

Aiden: Enough! I'm touching you now!

Aiden: Oooohhh Mummy! I touched a girl!!!! A girly girl!!!

Aiden: Now I am admiring your pink top!

Aiden: Can't help it! Want to touch her again! *while gripping the edge of the table*

Aiden & Ayesha: Okay fine, we made peace.


  1. Cutenya dua2.
    Don't mind kak ambik yr blog to my link.

  2. Yes Aiza, pleasure to have my link in your blog :)

    Eynda, geram tengok Aiden mengada tengok Ayesha. Hehehe pantang tengok perempuan!


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