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Aiden, Madeline Most Popular Names For 2009

Yes, I know this is a bit late. Prolly the whole world knows that Aiden is the most popular boy's name for 2009. But I should still rub it in. When Fakhzan texted me the morning of 16th December, citing that above was published in that day's The Star, I was absolutely estatic! For I take credit for putting my foot down and being adamant that I wanted Aiden as my baby's name!

Aiden, Madeline Most Popular Names For 2009

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Do you know a child named Aiden or Madeline? Chances are someone will as they are the top names for boys and girls in 2009, while Jacob and Emma were the most popular of the decade.

"We've seen more spelling variations of both of this year's top names than we imagined possible - Aiden has also been Ayden, Aidyn, Aden, and Aaden and Madeline can be spelled Madeleine, Maddelin, and Madalen," said Candace Alper, the creator/executive producer of the musical web site

"Parents like the sound of traditional names, but they also want to show the individuality of their children. Parents realize that the name they give their child will become part of the child's identity," Alper said.

She said that variations on the name Aiden are also dominating both boys and girls names, such as Jayden, Brayden and Hayden, because the names are gender-neutral and can be spelled so many ways.

Her prediction for the next decade is that there will be more Edwards and a lot more Bellas being born due to the success of the Twilight film franchise.

Rounding out the top names for boys in 2009 were Matthew, Owen, Ethan, Jackson, Evan, Braden, Noah, Jack and Zachary.

For girls it was Madison, Emma, Hannah, Olivia, Audrey, Isabella, Grace, Taylor and Emily.

Top boy names of the decade were Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Christopher, Jack, Daniel, Aiden, William, Joshua and Ryder.

Top girl names of the decade were Emma, Madison, Emily, Hannah, Olivia, Samantha, Ashley. Ava, Elizabeth and Madelyn.

Soooo... let's start listing down all the Aiden's I have known so far:

1) My as-crazy-as-me future neighbour depan rumah. Her first born is Aidan (pronounced Aiden!)
2) My other future neighbour in Cahaya SPK, blog available here. Her miracle baby is Aidan.
3) My junior in BBGS's nephew, name is Ayden. Okay fine, I don't know the baby or the baby's mother personally. I just marvelled at his Aqiqah pictures.
4) A blogger whose blog I periodically visit. Her son's name is Aiden. Don't know her personally. The reason why I found her blog was because I Googled Aiden Irfan (months before Aiden was even born!) because I wanted to see whether anyone else had the same name (so kiasu!), and her blog was number one in the results page.
5) Aidan (pronounced Aiden) Connely. He was one of the Mechanical guys when I was in Sakhalin. He's older than me and Irish.
6) And of course, Carrie's boyfriend in Sex and the City! I soooo loved saying his name over and over again! So erm... unique?

Hmm.. I guess that's it! I better not start listing all the Irfan's I know. For I won't know where to stop!


  1. Aiden is a beautiful name!! but if I were to have a boy.. hihi Rayyan would be it.. :) haaa a boy.. i wish!

  2. hi..just googled for aidan and found ths blog. was planning to put my 2nd baby name as aydan till i checked with couple of ustaz for the meaning in arabic but none of them can identify the meaning....what does it mean actually..?

  3. Farah, Aiden is a beautiful name, but it is quite hard to get the elders to accept it, even to pronounce it. My Dad for the longest time, pronounced it as Ai'din. And he still does sometimes - just to irritate me :P Even my friends say its a tongue twister.

    Naja: Someone told me that Ai'din means kebijaksanaan, and Addin means tangan. But from googling in the internet, Aidan means kebijaksanaan as well.


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