Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hubby's Singapore Crib

Remember I mentioned about how I absolutely loved Hubby's crib in Singapore? Well here's picture proof!

This is where Hubby spends 80% of his time nowadays. His apartment is on the 48th floor, and the highest floor is the 50th floor (maintenance floor). Which makes him just one floor shy away from the penthouse! There is even an express lift which caters for the higher floors, and the elevator ride usually causes my ears to go "Pop!" due to the air pressure difference.

Okay, so let's start with the front door. On the right is the door leading to the kitchen, while on the left is the encloseds shoe rack.

This is the view from the kitchen door. Hob and hood included.

I loveeeeee the enclosed dishrack idea. I love it so much i'm going to adopt it for the new house!

The basic neccesities: fridge, washing machine, dryer. Yup, nearly all apartments in Singapore are equipped with a dryer. Solves the space to hang clothes constraints. I was more than happy to do laundry every other day and then dump it into the dryer - on Hubby's company electricity tab of course!

Comes with a microwave oven which no one ever used - until I stepped foot inside the house!

Due to the fact that Aiden cannot be left alone unattended in front of the TV in the living room (he was finding it a bit hard to adjust to new surroundings), I had to plonk him on the kitchen table top whenever I had to do something in the kitchen, like make his milk or wash dishes. Thank god he can now sit!

Yes Aiden, I know the box says Baby Bites, but I think they were implying about the contents of the box - not the box itself!

The dining area, overlooking the cityscape of Singapore.

The living area. No cable TV, but I survived with Singapore Channel 5 and RTM1. The desk is where I surf the internet (harvesting Farmville) and try to get line curi Maxis on the phone, instead of paying roaming charges.

Overall view.

This is the Master Bedroom. There are two other bedrooms in the apartment, but they were way too messy for me to snap pictures! So use your imagination, yeah!

The ensuite.

Love the shower head!

The very spacious erm, what should I call this.. kolah? Cos it does not look like a bathtub to me!

What do you guys think? Impressive? Modern? Soothing to the eyes? I told you the minimalistic look is very in right now!

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  1. nice place! love the couch..
    tapi serem tgk aiden dok atas kitchen counter.. mummy kena pakaikan aiden harness with double lanyard!


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