Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

After conquering the inevitable (okay, okay I am exaggerating!) - being able to crawl on January 7th 2010, Aiden is now scaling to brand new heights! He's starting to use anything and everything in his line of sight as a tool to help him push himself UP! He's now able to stand with the support of the couch, his playpen, or by holding on to my fingers. Imagine my surprise that one fine day when I walked into the room and there he was - standing up in his playpen, grinning mischeviously at me. *sigh* In a blink of an eye, he'll soon start cruising around!

However, after mastering the skill of how to get up, he conveniently forgot to master the skill of going back down. It is absolutely hillarious to see him stand and stand as long as he can hold on, until he finally either tumbles down or cry to be "rescued".

This was last month, before he fully mastered the art of crawling. I call this his cheeky "I am going to try and stand up to see what Mummy is up to" look.

And this is his "Mummy I am stuck please save my poor butt" look.

This was this morning. This is the "Yes! I am standing" look.

And this is the "O-oh, I don't think I can go down" look.

This is muka minta simpati.

This is him crying while Mummy laughs hysterically while holding the camera.

This is the "I can't hold on any longer!" look. And then he tumbles down.......

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... the joys of Motherhood :)

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