Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Keys to Home Sweet Home!!!

Yes, Hello Hello. I know it has been nearly a month since I last wrote. It has been a whirlwind since Singapore. When I have the energy (and the time), i'll upload pictures. You simply have to see Hubby's crib in Singapore. *kagum sekejap* Simple, modern, zen, minimalistic. (A certain neighbour of mine will be laughing her head off at the word zen. And gajah. Okay, okay - enough inside jokes.)

After Singapore, it was another whirlwind to the New Year. I was supposed to report for duty during the last week of the year, but I was confined to home, influenced under drugs. Horrible cough, horrible flu and horrible throat ache. Thank god the horrible high fever we (me, Aiden and hubby) were having in Singapore didn't carry over to Malaysia, or I would almost definitely be detained for suspected influenza. Psstt... I'm still coughing, btw! *sigh*

How did I celebrate the new year, you ask? By watching fireworks on Ampang Highway with Bibik and Aiden before proceeding to the bus station to pick up hubby who had taken the coach from Singapore. *kesian kan?* I guess I have to accept the fact that I am old. Gone are the days when I would celebrate by partying the night away, crawl home under the covers (without taking my make up off!), sleep the whole morning and wake up in the afternoon fresh and rejuvinated.

Closing joke for 2009: "At least you have Ampang Highway. Me? I'm not even planning to go out". Yes Dayang, I blogged about it. Proof that we're old. We'll laugh about it when Danya and Aiden turn 18.

Then after the new year, it was another whirlwind to catching up with work. Apart from work, hubby was constantly haggling me to check on my winter clothes. He wants to borrow my winter clothes for his trip to London + Paris + Barcelona. He thinks I am a winter clothing store issit? He's lucky I didn't pack the pink snow cap and pink muffler in his bag. I probably should have, since he's going on a bujang trip to watch La Liga (or something as un-interesting as that) with his male macho brood, leaving a bevy of miserable wives at home.

Anywayyyyyy... enough excuses about not blogging. First blog post for the year - we finally got our keys! Yup, after paying a bomb for interest incurred, security fees, clubhouse fees, yada yada yada, we were finally granted an appointment to pick up our keys! And hubby insisted on taking the keys before he leaves for his La Liga trip, so this morning we squeezed an early morning appointment into our busy schedule.

815am: Decided to take the DUKE highway, straight into NKVE. Predicted a smooth ride to Cahaya SPK.

My trusty Starbucks tumbler. Purchased this during one of my transit visits to Korea OTW to Sakhalin. Since I am not a coffee drinker, this tumbler is used for my morning protein shake.

Boy, were we wrong about the smooth journey. Traffic jam!!!

Panic mode. Appointment at 9am, yet we're still on the road at 852am.

3 car pile up, reduced the 3 lane to a 2 lane. Didn't help that Malaysians are a bunch of busy bodies who insist on slowing down untuk nombor ekor!

910am: Finally! Continued on our "smooth" journey.

930am: Yeay, we have our keys! 3 sets of keys to be exact! Woohooooo!!

945am: Home Sweet Home *huge grin*

Say hello to the resident spider. We have to honour them - they were occupying the house before we took it over!

My house faces the afternoon sun. So during the defects check walkaround, the house was very cool, that I didn't even sweat much. The cool breeze made it even nicer! But afternoon.. aiya! Sure have to turn on the airconditioning!

That's hubby crouching behind the jacuzzi, looking for defects! Very teliti!

After picking up the keys, we rushed (to the other) home. Hubby is leaving via Air Asia in 3 hours. After a rushed lunch, I sent him to Ampang Park where he was meeting his other friends. They were going to take the taxi to LCCT.

As for me, I went back to work. I was, after all, only on a half day leave. And a surprise awaited me at the office. A very pleasant surprise, actually! I promise I'll blog about it tomorrow. Promise!!!!!

Till then, Ciao!


  1. Sejuk je pemandangan waktu pagi kat cahaya spk tu....lepas ni boleh citer pasal reno & deco pulak la ;-)

  2. deco deco..liz pandai deco..tlg deco umah i lah..hahah..
    bila nk pindah neh?


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