Saturday, January 16, 2010

Danya's Welcome Home Tea Party

Dayang organized a "Welcome Home Danya" Tea Party (whatever that is - so typical BBGS style) to celebrate and welcome her bundle of joy, Danya Zafirah - who is already 3 months at time of writing. She justified the celebration by insisting that she did not have a baby shower or any celebration since she gave birth. As for us, we were just happy to attend! Food, good friends, why say No?

Unfortunately, the party had a theme of pink and purple. Pink is definitely out of the picture, so I was left with purple. And it is hard to play dress up in purple when your baby is a boy. I walked into every single baby shop in KLCC to find a purple top for Aiden. Yeah I found plenty of purple frilly frocks, cardigans, bows... but nothing for a boy! The closest I could find to purple was a Maroon Guess long sleeved sweater. But it was way too hot for sunny ol' KL. In the end I had to settle for erm... Poney? I guess I should still be thankful - they were the only brand that housed a lilac top for a boy.

Aunty Nadia acted as "Bibik" or actually I should say highly paid Nanny! She took care of Aiden the wholeeeeee way and even violated her fashion sense by carrying Aiden's diaper bag into Dayang's house.

Masamnya muka Aiden!

Mummy driving to Bukit Jelutong.

Aiden playing with the helium balloon. Why the sticker on his face? That's Aunty Alia's attempt to put a stick-on tatoo on his face.

Tatoo complete!!

Aiden taking a break. Check out his half-heart tattoo. It is actually a full heart tattoo but the other half just wouldn't stick. Literally means heart-breaker, eh?

Mana gigi Aiden tak tumbuh lagi nie!!

Okay Mummy, enough cam-whoring.

Aiden wasn't interested in posing for pictures.

We played games as well. This was Baby Bingo. Shout Danya if you get Bingo!!! Alia won this one.

This was a bloody hillarious game. Who could paling cepat SUCK sirap from a baby bottle!!!

Watie and Nad were neck to neck!

Watie trying to sabotage Nad from sucking that last drop!

See Watie's hand?

Aunty Nad won!!! She also won the unscramble words game thingy. Bolot semua hadiah, ke Nad?

Beautiful cupcakes!

So pretty! Too beautiful to eat!

Dayang's home made cookies on a stick.

The even more beautiful cake! Awww.....

This is Danya! But this isn't the Mummy.

This is Danya's Mummy!

Gambar yang tak cantik but post jugak sbb nampak hadiah birthday!

The BBGS crowd (except Nad yang interframe)

This one looks much better!

Aiden who just couldn't sit still!

Mummy was struggling to keep him occupied!

Check out his cheeky "I don't care" look!

It was tough getting a decent picture of him!


Then Uncle Zul zoomed him around in the air - Superman style!

And finally, a smile!

Thank you Dayang, for the fabulous party!


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