Friday, September 17, 2010

Eid in Kuantan

For the first time since we got married, we went home to Hubby's hometown for Eid. For the past few years we have been going to Ipoh (my side) first and then right after Eid prayers and makan makan, only then we would head to Hubby's hometown. So this year, bagi chan lah! Furthermore, Aiden would be able to run around freely in the house at the kampung as opposed to running around my stepmother's house which is decked with crystal bowls and fragile knick knacks. (My in-laws stay in USJ therefore whenever we balik kampung we would convoy together with them and stay at a hotel or their house which is usually rented out. This year the tenant had just vacated the house so we had the whole empty house to ourselves!)

We arrived in Kuantan the day before Eid and Aiden had the time of his life exploring the house. He had never stepped foot in the house as the tenant who just vacated the house was renting the house for the past two years. The house is a quaint single story bungalow with very minimal furniture so I didn't have to worry about Aiden climbing staircases or using his naughty fingers to destroy things around the house. And with four sister in-laws who were happy to help babysit Aiden, it was definitely a relaxing holiday for me.

On a funny note, we have been 'training' Aiden to salam and cium tangan in preparation for Eid (and of course, duit raya), and he was doing so well! Up until just a week before Eid when he decided that he wanted to stop all this salam business. He preferred a more brief touch and go salam, or better still, a high five!!!

And this was the morning of Eid:

Aiden refusing to salam his Tok.

Refused to salam his Wan as well.

But was clever enough to demand for duit raya!

Hubby's younger sister started working last year, so this year it is her first year giving out duit raya...

Aiden immediately opened the duit raya pack! Such a cheeky boy.

We received visitors in the morning. (My SIL told me that she thought the baby girl's hair style made her look like Ju On. OMG!!)

At Mak Long's house to visit Wan (Aiden's moyang).

At Mak Anjang's house, the kampung house turun temurun where everybody gathers for Eid.

Aiden obsessed with the phone, not caring for a photo.

Oh yes, he is also obsessed with umbrellas!

Angry that Mak Ngah (my SIL) took the umbrella away from him.

Back home, we cooled down with ice-cream.

And started our indoor photography session...

Family photo, Take 1!

Family photo, Take 2!

Okay, we give up. We'll never get a decent picture!

Can you believe that we purchased these pelita(s) just a day before Raya and hunted for minyak gas around the whole Kuantan???!!! We nearly gave up, until we finally found a small Indian kedai runcit selling minyak gas by the roadside.

However, it was such a shame that we couldn't find bunga api, so Aiden didn't get the chance to play with bunga api this year. Maybe next year, okay Baby?

Preparing for our outdoor family photoshoot. That's my in-law's house in the background.

With the SILs, minus one (who was behind the camera).

Daddy and Aiden walking up the road, looking for houses to terjah.

Unfortunately, no one wanted to welcome us in...

Sedondon in blue.

Running around in glee.

Awww.... *cair*

Cu and his family came to visit us during our photoshoot.

But that did not stop us from going on!

It was not easy coaxing Aiden to put on his songkok.

Look at his face when we force the songkok onto him.

Finally we gave up with the songkok.

And finally, a smile!

Last photo for the photoshoot.

We then went to a neighbour's house. And they had guinea pigs as pets!

Aiden was so brave!

We tried teaching him to stroke the guinea pig slowly and gently.

But this was what he did instead...

Then we went to Auntie's house, where we discovered Aiden's love for satay!

Look at him munching away!

Or should I say sucking away?

And showing off his quarter eaten satay! (Ooohh dimple alert!)

Showing off his favourite gesture nowadays - no, no no! (While wagging his index finger back and forth...)

Thank you for bearing with the loading of the truckload of pictures. Stay tuned for another truckload of pictures from Eid in Ipoh, coming soon!


  1. in love wit aiden...cant wait to hav 1. your silent reader.

  2. Alyaa, thanks for following my blog. Hope you enjoy reading my posts...


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