Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moving House - First Round!

Up until the last week of Ramadhan, Hubby was somewhat reluctant to put in his leave request. Because if he takes the whole first week of Syawal off, his location allowance would be deducted for the whole week that he is in Malaysia. But, Alhamdulillah, I managed to coax him, by saying things like:

"You need a week off, you have been working so hard!"
"Nanti bila you kat KL, banyak hal rumah kita boleh settle..."
"Alaaa... balik la seminggu, Aiden rindu kat youuuuu..."

But the killer statement that made him submit his leave request was:
"Yang, kalau you cuti seminggu, kita boleh start packing and send the first truckload of things to the new house. And if we have time, paint the interior of the house!"

So, you can see how excited Hubby is about moving... and boy, oh, boy, he definitely demanded that I kept to my end of the deal. The whole first week of Syawal, was spent either packing my segala harta khazanah, or cleaning the new house!

Look at Aiden's overjoyed face having Daddy home...

Aiden was obviously happy to help out. Cleaning is, after all, his favourite thing to do nowadays!

Busy dusting the front door.

And wiping the sliding doors clean (my friend commented, look at his leg, siap berjengket lagi!)

Then the next day, we started loading the lorry.

We had to get a 3-Tonne lorry to do the job.

This round is actually to move all the unused items in the current house. In total, we moved a three-seater couch, a single seater sofa, a built-in microwave, a built-in oven, a small wardrobe, a small display cabinet, a super single bedframe plus mattress, a queen size mattress, three coffee tables, lots of spare pillows (all carefully wrapped in plastic bag, for hygenic purposes, of course), and about ten boxes filled with stuff I don't even want to think about. And we followed the lorry with two framed mirrors, a ladder and more cleaning appliances, loaded into our car. And seriously, that was probably only about a quarter of the stuff in the current house. I think we need at least a 5-Tonne lorry, three trips (or more) to cover the balance!

The boxes in the attic. Blinds self installed by dear Hubby.

Hubby also installed a safety gate at the staircase leading to the attic. Colour clash, but safety is more important than complaining about how the blue clashes with the brown woody tone.

So with the furniture that we moved, only Aiden's room was ready. Well, that made sense, since Aiden sleeps with us in the master bedroom, making his room the only room in the current house which is not occupied or used by us.

Aiden's cosy little room. Since his room is the only room that is ready, it also becomes the official room we use to shower or pray or rest whenever we singgah Cahaya SPK for transit.

His walls look a bit bare. I am contemplating between painting it, plastering it with wallpaper, or get someone to paint a mural on it (macam Kimora's new son's playroom.. yeah, like I have Kimora's money lah kan??!!).

Can you believe that all the teddy bears in the display cabinet (and including the one on the bed) are actually my collection? Since I was a toddler! (Told you I'm a hoarder!)

Aiden imitating Bibik praying.

And if you thought that we were close to moving in, this is the condition of our living hall now. We just tore down a part of our living hall plaster ceiling....

So don't start asking me when the house warming is, okay? *grin*


  1. problems with the plastering again?? havent used your/Aiden's birthday gift! ...:(
    of course this month is impossible but comeon! schedule a weekend woman! feeling triggerish

  2. This is the old plastering issue la. (Backdated post alert!) Alamak bile nak guna Aiden's gift nie? We soooo need new family pictures for the new house...

  3. can i sleep instead?? the room looks absolutely cozy and comfortable!! :D

  4. Farah, trust me, the guest room is better. Sangat cosy and cooling. Wait for pictures!


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