Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Word Printed Tees

Found these pictures buried in my long list of draft posts so thought I would just share it with my readers. Purchased that adorable t-shirt in Cotton On Kids. I love word printed t-shirts and obviously would strive to dress my son in one. And it was also in Cotton On Kids that I finally found a t-shirt which I had been hunting for so long, saw it on an expat toddler back in 2007 - it says: Keep Your Daughters Locked Up...

Cute eh?

This is Aiden's reaction when we ask, "Siapa Aiden Irfan angkat tangan?"

This adorable-sweet-puppy-eyes smile absolutely clashes with the t-shirt which says "Been Inside for 9 Months"...


  1. aw.. emir has that 'lock up your daughters' Tshirt frm cotton on for kids!!
    totally adorable!

  2. Hahaha Emir and Aiden should both wear the same t-shrt and go gallavanting around town together. Sure cute!!


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