Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eid in Ipoh!

Another truckload of pictures from the recent Eid in Ipoh, coming up!

We left Kuantan on the second day of Eid and went straight home to unpack and repack. It took us quite a while to repack, because Ipoh and Kuantan have two very different dress-up requirements! Furthermore we had to sort out the dirty clothes between the ones we wanted to chuck into the laundry basket, and the ones we wanted to bring to Ipoh. (Blame Hubby for this one because he only wanted one set of Baju Melayu this year, so we had to recycle the ensemble for the Ipoh celebration as well...)

We finally left the house at about 4-ish, went to the cemetery to visit my Mum's grave and it started pouring cats and dogs! We had to continue reciting the Yassin in the car, and I vowed to visit her grave again when we returned home from Ipoh. We finally left KL around 5pm and surprisingly, the road was clear so we managed to arrive just before 8pm.

Eid in Ipoh is usually very meriah only on the first day, as my stepmothers and my stepsiblings would take turns visiting each other's house. Other than the first day, it is generally very quiet for me. Since I am not from Ipoh, I have no relatives or friends to visit, thus have to settle with staying at home watching Raya movies, go shopping or follow my stepsisters when they go out to open houses. This year, we arrived on the second day of Eid, therefore had missed all the fun (cooking rendang, lighting pelita(s), playing mercun, scrambling to iron our clothes or set our hair, rushing for Raya morning prayer) the day before. When we arrived, even my favourite Kurma Kambing was gone!

Anyway, these are pictures from the fourth day of Raya, the only day we actually made an effort to dress up and visit a relative's house:

Posing in front of my stepmother's new sofa set! (She renovated her house this year, new furniture, new chandelier and all!)

That's my stepmum in the middle.

Shema, is this close up picture sufficient? *grin*

The only reason why we were able to pose in peace, was because Aiden was fast asleep!

See, Hubby recycle Baju Melayu!

On the way to a relative's house.

Hubby driving in peace (Aiden was still asleep).

The relaxing drive down the highway.

We were served lunch. Scrumptious food!

And then Aiden the little rascal, woke up.

Can you see how hungry we were?

This boy refused any rice, so we gave him some kerepek instead.

Counting the number of nuts on the kerepek.

Kesian, handsome boy had to recycle Baju Melayu as well because Daddy didn't want to buy another one to match Mummy's baju.

Back home, Aiden insisted on cleaning the sliding door glass.

But was whisked away for a continuation of the earlier photo shoot.

And then, it was time for Aiden to receive duit raya!

Mummy's turn to salam. Unfortunately, no duit raya this year!

More duit raya for Aiden...

"Opah, let go of the duit raya pack!!!"

Note: Ini adalah pose semata-mata.

Mummy and Daddy camwhoring without Aiden, again!

Aiden and his baby face...

Next it was Aiden's turn to collect duit raya from Daddy.

"Daddy, please just give me the duit raya packet okay! No more games!"

Actually, all the above pictures were taken with a pacifier hidden behind the duit raya packet, because that was the only way we could get him to extend his hand to accept it. It was all for the sake of pictures!


  1. the sweet liz.verry the candylicious..haha

  2. 1st :: your baju sgt sgt sgt lah cantik..i loike..

    2nd :: omg, sofa yg diidamkan..T_T

  3. Yayie, I agree, very candylicious. Takut kadang kadang nak pakai. Kena check majlis. Takut over sangat. Haha

  4. Wirda,

    1st, thank you thank you thank you!
    2nd, sofa yang ade "bling bling" ke yang you idamkan? ;)


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