Saturday, September 25, 2010

HomeDec and Danya's Open House

The weekend is here and it is time again for yet another open house!

We started the morning early (have you noticed that our weekends are A.L.W.A.Y.S packed??!!) with Hubby washing the car and yours truly playing her role as house manager, picking up after everything that the maid has missed during the week. After a quick shower with Aiden, we packed up and left for the first stop of the day, HomeDec!

As usual, HomeDec is a bi-annual event for us. We would never fail to miss it, sometimes even going two days in a row. Some years we would include the CIMB Perfect Livin' but we gave that recent one a miss this year as it was held during fasting month (tak larat nak bring my heavy butt all over PWTC, heh!). This year, HomeDec shall be split into two weekends, Design It and Furnish It. And after attending the Design It, I absolutely agree to them splitting them two. The exhibition was way way way easier to manage as they only occupied 5 halls (instead of two floors), I knew exactly what to look for in Design It and Furnish It respectively (wallpaper in Design it and a brand new aircon in Furnish It), and the crowd was definitely more manageable.

So apart from placing a booking at two (yes two!) wallpaper companies, we also placed another booking at SCI Kitchen for our walk-in wardrobe and bought two all-in-one rain shower sets. Funny how from wallpaper we mushroomed our purchases to wardrobe and shower heads!

But, I absolutely love my rain shower set. Ooohhh la la!

It looks something like this. Picture courtesy of Google.

After memborong at HomeDec, we immediately left for our first open house for the day. Sadly, we missed one in VillaWangsaMas, so we skipped that and went straight to Shah Alam. Intention was to drop our loot off at the new house then to the open house.

And then it started raining cats and dogs. And we got stuck in a massive traffic jam at Jalan Batu Arang. We have heard lots and lots of horror stories about the traffic in the area, but really, it was our first time experiencing this traffic jam since we purchased the house. We were stuck for nearly 45 minutes for the short 3km road. And right after we passed through the traffic light, I turned to Hubby and said:

"Yang, serious ke kita nak pindah nie???"

Picture courtesy of Cahaya SPK official resident website.

Anyway, after stuffing outselves silly at Mustakim's open house in Subang USJ (which would have only been a 15minute drive if not for the traffic), we made our way to Dayang's open house in Bukit Jelutong. Aiden was overjoyed to have plenty to play with, as Dayang's house was well decorated with very fragile decorations, while Mummy had to run after Aiden all night long to stop him from getting into detrimental mischief.

Aiden and Uncle Zul

Aiden playing with Danya's toys.

Lining it up and then banging on it.

Buat macam rumah sendiri!

Aiden getting into his next mischief - he nearly broke a decorative bowl on the table while dear Hubby sat chit chatting in the background. Grrrrr....

Stand at the corner, Aiden!

Mummy. Pooped.

Danya had already changed from her kebaya into her pajamas.

Then Danya was brought to another room by one of the guests. And guess what, Aiden wanted to follow! This is Danya showing off that she can now stand on her own.

Aiden found another secret stash of Danya's toys.

The BBGS gang plus a few more.

Aiden handing duit raya to Danya.

Danya pura pura malu.


Thank you for the invite, Dayang, Danya and Zul!

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  1. 3 tahun lepas memang dh start jem truk kt area batu arang...dulu duk kt uitm puncak perdana n nk pegi kls kt sek.13 kene keluar 1 jam awal.


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