Friday, September 3, 2010

Berbuka With The Girls...

It is not an easy feat, trying to gather the BBGS gang under one roof. Not to mention our vast career paths - makes it harder for one to understand the other's career constraints. Within the gang, we have an engineer, a lawyer, a financial advisor, an accountant, a doctor... well to name a few. Not even a single one of us share the same career!

So when Iza texted us all for a berbuka get-together, I immediately agreed. It has been too long since we all met up, so kudos to Iza for making the effort to group the gang. The vote for berbuka went to Penang Village in Great Eastern Mall. Despite all of us being besar panjang, and leading independent lives out of our parent's house, we still decided on a place where we all once called home - Ampang. (All of us grew up in Ampang or at least in the vicinity of it.)

Aiden was dressed in his best - brand new suit for raya!

Trying out the velcro straps of his brand new raya shoes. (Aiden, Daddy pesan, he received his first Adidas shoes when Mummy purchased it for him as a convocation present, and here you are wearing one at one year old!)

The drive to GE mall was quite effortless. I placed Aiden in his car seat and he dozed off almost instantly. This time around I had decided to try to go solo: Bibik-less I mean. I thought I could handle Aiden all on my own. Which was obviously a silly mistake. Will illustrate this in pictures later.

Note - the clear pictures are all from Fizah's camera while the blurry ones are from my iPhone. The lighting was absolutely crap leading to the non-existence of any quality pictures from the iPhone!!!

Penang Village had these huge plush sofas, so I placed a sleeping Aiden on one of them (I forgot the stroller)!

And had my berbuka feast in peace.

I was quite impressed with the spread that Penang Village had laid out. For only RM45 nett per pax, the choices they provided was just nice - not too little, not too much. It was nyummy, which of course is a given for Penang Village. The food they prepared for the buffet were not available and the best part of it all.... they had oatmeal prawns! I am an absolute sucker for udang nestum. Although the best one is still the one served in Caterbest, Ipoh... hands down.

Just as I was munching on my second helping of udang nestum, this boy woke up.

So I gave him some fried rice and kuih. Soon he was fully recharged (and of course, mayhem ensued...)

Danya is at the age where they sit still all the time. I miss Aiden at this age!

This is Aiden fully recharged, checking out Danya's stroller.

Aiden walking around the buffet line up.

Ayesha, walking gracefully around the buffet table.

A complete langit dan bumi comparison with boys - instead of walking, they run around like headless chickens!

See what I mean?

Aiden trying to think of ways to dirty his clean brand new white shoes.

At this point, Aiden smacked Ayesha. Sorry darling! Aiden was just... erm... excited...

Aiden even made friends with some older kids from the next table.

Hanging monkey style from the ledge.

How I wish Aiden would sit still, like Danya.

Or eat obediently like Ayesha.

Quarter of the gang.

The other quarter of the gang. The remaining half was at the next table.

I was on the phone so Saf had to control Aiden who was showing off his brand new shoes on the table. Seriously Saf, you do look like an angry stepmother in this picture! *grin*


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  1. It was great to have the "lepaq" moments kan! Should do it more often!


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