Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Soccer Mom's Dream Car?

Soooo... After the big breakfast at The Red Beanbag, we looked at the watch and decided that it was too early to head home. So hubby made the executive decision to drive to BMW... To stay 'up to date', katanya! Heh... If it was up to me, I would gladly go home and take a nap. You know, the type of nap that you only get when your tummy is full and the weather is too hot to do anything else? Yessss that kind of nap! *ppfftt*

There really wasn't any particular reason to head to BMW. I mean, Hubby just bought his baby, and I'm completely contented with the hand-me-down Mini Cooper. Totally easy to cilok and also navigate through my tight office parking space. Of course, I wanted a bigger car and all that. (Pssttt... don't tell my Mini, but I actually detest two door cars!) However, until baby #3 comes along (eh ade #3 ke???), Aiden and Ian will just have to make do with what we have.

But... (Oh come on, you must have guessed that there was a but somewhere!!)... Have you seen the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer??? No, I'm not talking about the not-yet-launched 7-seater which is also called the BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer (itu tunggu anak 5 lah *grin*).

Ian checking out the car specifications and price.  

The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is totally a soccer mum's dream car. *drool* No, I won't bore you with the car specs and all that but let me highlight the more interesting features. It has a really spacious backseat area with plenty of legroom (even more spacious than my dream car - the X4!) You can put two car seats in, and the maid can still fit in the middle. The rear back seats can also slide back/front so you can also trade legroom for more boot space. Wide doors too so kids can easily slide in or exit, plus you won't have any trouble lugging the car seat in/out too!

Who says a soccer mom car can't be sexy?

Other than that, I love love love that it is a practical family car. Imagine going grocery shopping and your hands are full. You just need to wave your foot under the rear bumper and tadaaaa the boot opens automatically. You can also unlock the car by just holding the door handle. No need to rummage through your handbag for the keys... ever!!! And semi auto parking function!! (I suck at side parking so this is a much needed feature.)

Spacious back seats.

As for the interior design and dashboard layout, I love the fact that it's not boring (if you know what I mean). There are plenty of buttons (including the iDrive system) with classy finishing to make your car look way more sophisticated and complicated than it really is. 

Complicated console... I like!

What about the ride and handling? Naaaahhhh I'll pass that to dear Hubby to describe. Not interesting for this blog! Can't wait for the new X1 to be launched at the end of the year too. Maybe I'll sway that way instead? 

Last but not least... NOOO... We're still not getting a new car. But it's always nice to dream, kan?? *grin*


  1. Liz! Oh you naughty naughty. The AT is on my shortlist for the same reasons you have stated. I still love my 1 so we will see how things go. Hope some of the features are introduced to X3! Thanks!

    1. Oooohhh I apologize for tempting you. Let me tempt you further by suggesting.. erm probably the upcoming new X1? Or how about the X4? Hey, the X6 is even more drool worthy! Hehehehe :P

  2. Hai sis,

    Beli ke tidak i still envy you.Heee...... Esok2 dah beli kereta baru tunjuk dlm blog ye....


    1. Hehe.. ape yang di-envy. Tetap setia dengan kereta lama jugak. Something unbroken should not be replaced :)


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