Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rizq's Marvel Avengers Birthday!

Rizq - Aiden's best friend (well one of his best friends, cos he seems to be proclaiming every male school friend as his best friend!), turned 6 last weekend. Maid-less or not, this was one birthday party we simply could not miss!

Marvel Avengers seems to be a hot theme for boys this year. I was more than happy to recycle Aiden's Iron Man costume for the party. Have you noticed how hard it is to get decent character costumes for kids, in Malaysia?

Love the party decorations!

Rizq's mummy sure went all out with the party decorations. Rizq had life sized figurines, a huge backdrop, balloon sculptures, giant posters, helium balloons, personalized placemats and a very cute mini dining area just for the kids. And the lucky boy has a very sporting family too - almost all of his family members, young and old, came dressed in costumes!

See what I mean? We had Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman and Hulk! Check out Aiden showing his palm, Iron Man style!
Oh, Spider-man too! And two absolutely adorable mini Iron Man!

It was a good thing that we were somewhat punctual that day, because as soon as we arrived, it was time to cut the cake! I guess with a huge play area (JKids) by the side, it was imperative that the cake gets cut and the kids get fed before they run off and play (leaving the parents with the aftermath cum gossip session).

They even had Ultron on the cake!

Aiden and the birthday boy.

Funky looking cookies - Hulk with a sulky face and Captain America's shield.

Ian is on a pasta/udon phase nowadays.

Right after cake cutting and shoving two, probably three mouthfuls down - as expected, Aiden immediately requested to play with his friends. I gladly left him to do his own thing. Six year olds are so independent, aren't they?

Thankfully, I have one more cheeky monkey to keep me company. Ian was overjoyed at seeing the sea of balls in the ball play area. He insisted on climbing up the structures, and I had to follow lah of course. (Lepas tuh dok takut sorang sorang, boleh ke the structure hold my weight? What if it breaks and everything falls apart? Alamak there is a rope bridge ahead. Is it made for adults?? Stress!!)

There was also a 'sand' pit play area. Instead of filling it with sand, it was filled with something that looked like beans... or something. By the time they finished playing, their socks, shoes and pant pockets were filled with these beans.. and the boys even brought that mess home! *uurrgghh*

Probably the only decent shot I got of Ian that day.

Won't bother looking at the camera too!

While the kiddos played, we mummies kept ourselves occupied by taking selfies.

Group shot without the host.

The Real Kids mummies, albeit missing two.

After we left, the party must have left quite an impact on Aiden because he immediately said, "That was a cool party! Can I have my birthday party there too?" *chuckles*

Thanks for having us, Rizq. Happy 6th birthday!

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