Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome September!

Happy Tuesday blues!

So how did you guys celebrate your long Merdeka weekend? Similar to last year, we took the opportunity for a short getaway using my HiltonHonors points - but this year instead of heading to our usual Doubletree, we splurged a bit and picked KL Hilton!

It was such a good choice too! Despite being so close to the office and so near to Bersih 4.0, we had such a relaxing stay. I'll save it for a separate blog review, but in a nutshell - clear traffic, our room was upgraded, the pool was huge, the kiddy pool was shallow enough for Ian to walk in and out by himself, we received a free dessert at Tony Roma's for dinner, a discount for Chicken Rice Shop for lunch and ended the day by watching Inside Out at GSC Nu Sentral. Major milestone for Ian too, cos it was the first movie that he managed to watch from start to finish without crying. He sat on my lap the whole time, munching on popcorns, engrossed in the movie.

The gorgeous pool view from our room.

Aiden and Ian playing with their beach toys and water guns by the kids pool, while I relaxed on the pool lounge chair. I can do this all day!!!

After returning home from our short city getaway, the SPK gang decided to hangout at our place so we had our Merdeka countdown with them. By the time they left it was past 2am. The next day we all slept in (obviously!) and after a late lunch at the in-laws, we went biking around the housing area. Then we had a light dinner at Zawara Coffee (our favourite cafe for now... their homemade Walnut and Cranberry bread is simply to die forrrrrr), and then Aiden achieved a personal milestone - his first barber haircut!

Aiden has always been super scared of anything sharp near his ears. When he was a baby, he would wail his lungs out whenever we go get a haircut. Once we were even escorted into a private room cos we made so much noise that it created quite a havoc in the salon. When he got older, we brought him to our local barber and he kept moving his head whenever the barber got close to his ears. He was soooo worried that the barber would snip off his ears! In the end, Aiden grew up with Hubby as his personal barber - which resulted in some disastrous Temenggung Jugah hairstyles!

But last night, he sat perfectly still, and even confidently exclaimed, "I'm not scared right, Mummy?"

First barber haircut! 

Aww... he looks like he's ready for primary school!

Hope you all had a good Merdeka getaway too!


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