Monday, September 14, 2015

Behind Every Successful Woman...

We all know the saying, "Behind every successful man, is a woman (and a surprised mother-in-law)." *grin*

A wise woman I know once said something similar, and it goes, "Behind every successful woman, is a maid." Well... my very hardworking maid left us yesterday. Although only for three weeks, it was an emotional goodbye for her, as she has grown very attached to Ian. As for me, I am just hopeful that our promise of a pay raise, is sufficient to convince her to return.

Aromatherapy stress relief.

Since her departure, I have been lathering this on lavishly onto myself. Have you tried the Bath and Body Works Stress-Relief range? There are two types available - Eucalyptus Tea (purple) and Eucalyptus Spearmint (blue). I strongly recommend the Eucalyptus Tea. I purchased mine at JPO recently, as there was a buy 3 free 1 promotion going on. The aromatherapy smell is soooo soothing, helps calm my feelings and promotes stress relief.

Lie down, breathe in deeply, and your stress magically melts away. 

Yeah... if I ever find the time to lie down, that is! I'm positive that for the next three weeks there will never be a dull moment; there will always be something to do, some dishes to wash, some food to cook, some clothes to wash, some toys to keep.  *sigh*

Wish me luck, peeps!


  1. wish me luck. mine is going back next week for 5 weeks!! LOL...breathe in breathe out...haha

    1. Ohemgeeeeeee 5 weeks??? *pengsan* 5 weeks??? *pengsan again* Hang in there babe!


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