Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pretty Pink Princess Party

I've always dreamed of having a girl. Well until that dream comes true, it looks like I'll have to continue creating princess parties for someone else's daughter!

Dafiya recently turned 2 and the agreed theme for the party was 'pretty princess in pink'. She also wanted a cake in the shape of a princess doll with a fairy tale dress. I gladly acceded to her request. It's not very often that I get to use pink in my parties!

Baking the cake was surprisingly very easy. I baked two cakes in two different sized bowls then stacked them together for the height. Rolled out the fondant and simply 'draped' then over the cake for the ruffled effect. Cut the skirt to size, attach the doll body to the top, minor decorations on the skirt and tadaaaaa I was done.

Pretty princess in a majestic floral dress.

The crown butter cookies were slightly more leceh. Good thing I had help, so between us two ladies armed with cookie cutters, we managed to cut the cookie batter and fondant in record time.

Found the crown with long holder (far right) cookie cutter in Ikea, going on clearance for RM1!

I found a really simple but fitting free princess printable here. I put my basic editing skills to good use (snipping tool, word art) and managed to create a matching poster, table signages, chocolate wrappers, food tags and favour tags.

Anyway, here are pictures of the entire dessert table:

The pretty dessert table, especially for a pretty princess!

Table layout.

Painstakingly chose these biskut gula in specifically pink and white. Spent nearly ten minutes sifting through the pile at the shop! Placed them in a clear bag, topped with a favour tag.  

Chocolate wrapped in matching wrappers.

Pink cupcakes with pink buttercream, topped with pink princess cupcake toppers! (So much pink in one sentence!)

Pink buttermilk panna cotta in adorable mini containers, with a matching bouquet of flowers by the side.

Table signage. Each guest table had a similar table signage too. Marshmallow and jelly in the background.

Pink macarons with chocolate nutella filling.

Mini mineral water bottles with matching water tags.

I guess that's enough pink for one blogpost. Happy 2nd birthday Dafiya. May you and Ian grow up to be the best of friends (and neighbours)!


  1. omg baked the cake on your own? i cant bake to save my life:(( good job with all the pinkness Liz!

    1. Yeah, it was a home baked cake. Well - I can't cook to save my life! Hehehe baking and cooking are two drastically different abilities to own :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for the compliment, dear :)


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