Friday, September 25, 2015

Of Being Maid-less with Nutella Pods

Hello peeps!

I haven't had the time to blog about anything this week. But I simply couldn't resist this short and sweet (pun intended) post.

I swear, these little pots of sweet goodness have been keeping me sane this entire week. Not sure whether I'll be too happy going on the weighing scale anytime soon, as I seem to have gone through one and a half trays of these babies.

Ordered them from a dear neighbour, for Eid Adha. Unfortunately for my guests, I kept finishing them off before they could actually make it to the serving table! 

Chocolate chip dough baked into cups, filled with Nutella and topped with chopped dark chocolate.

See, even the cups are made with chocolate chips!

Due to the ingredients used to make these Nutella Pods, they are quite pricey. RM25 for 16 pieces. Must learn how to make this pronto, before I become pokai broke from purchasing them non-stop.

Hope you guys had a great Eid Adha. Till I find the time to blog again, take care!


  1. Hi Liz...if I wanted to order this from your neighbour, can you ask is it possible....? can I get the contact?

    1. Sure, can you email me? Will share the contact then. :)


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