Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Aiden at 6 Years Old

After all those milestone posts for Ian, I really should be drafting one for my first born - who is now six!

Aiden has matured much this year. He is a thoughtful big brother, and loves Ian to bits. He protects Ian, reports to me whenever Ian is up to some mischief (which is quite often!!!), loves to gomol his brother, and takes to heart whenever Ian protests or refuses to listen to him (soooo funny)!

Sometimes, I have to make an extra effort to make him feel that Ian loves him. It sounds funny but it is so true. Once Ian came to join me on the bed but when Aiden joined us, Ian protested. Aiden sadly commented "Why does Ian love you, but not me?" *sigh*

Also, with Ian getting more boisterous and bossy, I need to be mindful about how I handle the two boys. For instance, once we were at a clinic and Ian was crying out for some thing that Aiden was holding (which belongs to Aiden)... but like clockwork I immediately told Aiden to give it to his brother (especially as I was quite conscious of people looking at us). Aiden handed it to Ian but commented, "You're only good to Ian..." Oh my heart broke into a million pieces!

My little heartbreaker.

School wise, he can write all letters A-Z, identify vowels and spell one to ten in Malay - no problem. Still struggling with spelling eight, though. (How the heck do you spell eight using phonics???) His reading has also improved significantly. He can read in Malay reasonably well, although he gives up on the more complicated words especially since his Malay vocab is so limited. His writing has also improved, but he gets frustrated whenever he has to copy sentences and his writing becomes longer than the printed sentences. I tried to explain to him that the computer printing is obviously smaller, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with writing big if it is neat. But it still frustrates him to no end.

A picture from earlier this year. Look at that young face!

School forces him to write sentences now, so his spelling has improved tremendously too. Just last week he got all correct for his weekly spelling bee - so proud of my boy! But recently he came home and said "Mummy, teacher told us to write about the moon and I wanted to say the moon is big and bright but I didn't know how to spell bright so I just wrote the moon is big!" I cracked up laughing... well good enough that at least dia ade niat nak tulis complicated sentences. *grin*  He also has the habit of not leaving a space in between words when writing. Counting wise, he can add and subtract numbers above ten. However, he came home one day after a Maths exam, and exclaimed "Mummy, you didn't teach me even and odd numbers!" Ooopppsss sorry baby!

Another picture from early in the year - counting with the help of Reese chocolates!

His fear of water has somewhat improved. At least he can put his head underwater for brief periods and swim without floats from the edge of the pool to his Daddy. But he still protests whenever I offer to send him for swimming classes. Maybe next year, eh baby?

Eating wise, he is a true Melayu boy. He prefers Asian cuisine above pasta, burgers and such. His favourite food are nasi goreng, kuey teow goreng, fried chicken, maggi goreng and even ayam masak kalio. He enjoys spicy food, and can eat rice with his hand (although slightly messy). Loves drinking milk - he knows where the cups are and can help himself to the UHT milk in the fridge. We have reduced milk bottle drinking to maximum one per day, will probably wean him off completely by the end of the year.

Berselera sungguh makan nasi with telur masak lemak.

Posing with his favourite maggi goreng.

At a healthy 27kg, we are now resorting to afternoon sports to keep his weight in check. Even after a hearty lunch of rice and some sort of protein, he would complain of being hungry at around tea-time; hence the maid would prepare his favourite sandwich - bread with egg, cheese and salad drizzled with tomato sauce and soy sauce. Oh, Aiden is definitely at a phase when he's enjoying food!

Enjoying cendol before Friday prayers.

Aiden is now very independent, which is a good thing since he is going to big boy school next year. He is able to go to the toilet by himself, wash up and dress up. He is also super vain. He loves combing his hair and insists on putting on hair gel (with Daddy's help) when dressing up. Sometimes, he would even go into the toilet to wet his hair... gives him the wet hair gel look katanya! *chuckles* Recently we gave him a school boy haircut, and teached him how to make his hair all spiky. Oh, he enjoyed all the compliments he received from his new hair style! However, he doesn't have a preference for clothes - he's contented to just wear whatever matching clothes that I buy for Ian.

While everyone was busy watching television, vain boy was caught looking at a mirror, combing his hair and admiring himself.

Caught this boy doing a selfie too!

He is not shy to show his love. He constantly says "I love you Mummy!" and gives me cuddles and kisses. Sometimes when he is playing outside, he would even pluck a flower and give it to me. I love it when he hugs me tight and refuses to let go. Oh, I hope he doesn't grow out of this phase soon....

A 'daisy' for Mummy.

After all of those years of watching Disney Junior, I finally relented and allowed him to graduate to Disney Channel and Disney XD. (Poor Ian only gets to watch Disney Junior when Aiden is at school). Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are still banned at home, and he knows he's not allowed to watch those channels. He's currently on a Bdaman craze, thanks to Disney XD, and recently he went on a Bdaman shopping spree with his duit raya. He's phased out of Hot Wheels and prefer more boyish themes such as Lego Ninjago and Star Wars. Other than that, he enjoys watching movies with me. Just last week we watched It Takes Two, and I was pleasantly surprised to note that he could actually follow the character conversations and the story line.

Buying his latest Bdaman!

Still a Star Wars fan.

Here's to wrapping up your six year old milestones. We love you Aiden - you will always be the apple of our eyes. *sniff sniff*

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