Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cahaya SPK - Nearly There!!!

Yesterday we decided to pay a visit to our new house. Keys were supposed to be handed over by September, but at the rate they're going, I don't think we'll see those keys at least until November. Not that I am complaining. Packing and moving is NOT easy, and we are not in a rush to move anyway. The current house is reallyyyyyyyy convenient! Call it sentimental value! *sob*sob*

Anyway, this post has more pictures than words, so enjoy! See also previous post on our house here.

The main road leading into the enclave.

The main roundabout. To get to my house, go 3 o'clock.

Yeay, the road is finally paved!!!

Workers working super fast to turf the slope beside the PE. Good progress!

Our (low) front fence.

Hubby and Bibik entering the gate. It was Bibik's first time inside the house - she was excited over her new room!

Is this really 30 feet???

Let's look at it for another angle. Aacckkk, it is really 30 feet!!! That's a lot of turfing to be done... $$$$!!

Workers turfing the plot of land behind the PE. The plan is to hack the wall to make a door leading to this area.

Expect many BBQ's to be held behind the PE yer, dear friends! But you provide the lamb!

View from the living area upstairs - view of the surau. Kalau tak pergi surau selalu, tak tahu lah!

I simply had to take a picture of this. Apparently someone else had officiated my house by having Durians!

View from my (low) front fence.

Hmmm... I wonder who my neighbours are. Hmm...

The place where the maids would do their networking... while the kids play!

Aiden officiating the slide at the playground.

Lagak macam budak besar!

Cahaya SPK is organizing a launch for their new Police Beat in Precint 2A this Saturday. And we have arranged for our kitchen contractor to meet us at the new house, to start measuring for a quotation. Am sure we would go trigger happy! Will upload kalau tak malas.

Oh, and the best part is - we're not even entirely 100% sure whether we're going to move in! What do you think??


  1. wow nice house lizz..besnyeee..=)

  2. Hehehe... thanks Yayie. Nanti housewarming datang la ;) Housewarming tuh tak tau la pulak buat tahun bila kan. Hehehehe

  3. Move la.. then we can be "15 minute" neighbours... hahah

  4. Hahaha.. yes yes. I can imagine malam malam I cakap kat Siddiq: "Alamak yang, garam habis. Kejap I nak pegi pinjam sikit from Noris. 15 minit jer..." :P


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