Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hubby's Birthday Cake

After the eventful birthday dinner yesterday, I thought I could spend hubby's birthday with a night in, peacfully! Hahaha.. but hubby being hubby, he could not let his birthday pass by just like that!

Thankfully. he did not ask for another birthday dinner. But instead, he wanted a cake. I think he is a bit cranky because his beloved iPhone isn't in his hands yet. So, I got my sister to pick up (read: belanja) a birthday cake on her way home.

I rush home everyday after work to cook dinner. Which explains why, even after dinner, I am still in my work clothes.

Hubby pura pura terkejut. Such a drama king.

OMG, even Aiden is acting shocked??!! My son, a future drama king..

Aiden fascinated by the candles. Look at his fingers trying to grab them.

Berapa banyak cake-lah you want to tiup nie, Sayang?

Hahaha, Aiden's name is also on the cake!

My hubby is soooo over (reacting)!

Come sing with me! "Potong kuihnya, potong kuihnya, potong kuihnya sekarang juga. Sekarang juga, sekarang jugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Aiden won't pose for anymore pictures. He wants cake!

Aiden: "Quick lah Daddy!"

Even Aiden had a bite of the cake. See his chocolate covered spoon!

The chocolate walnut birthday cake.

Hubby, you're a year older now. And in a month, a week and a day later, i'm going to be a year older too. Not to mention, we are now parents. Maybe we should start acting our age. What do you think?

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