Friday, October 23, 2009

Hubby's Birthday Present

Every third Friday of the month, the Dutch oil company would award us with a half day off. Well, in actual fact, it is called Work Hard, Play Hard because the intention is for staff to spend the half day doing something with the rest of their colleagues, in sports, recreational activities, etc. etc.

Unfortunately, we would almost always use the time off for extended lunch gossip sessions, shopping (members day sale usually starts on a Friday), external appointments, facial treatments, etc. etc.

So since the third Friday of this month was a day off for Deepavali, we were given the fourth Friday (today) half day off. And early morning on Friday, my dear friend gave me great news. Hubby's iPhone was ready.

I don't know what strings she pulled. It is simply a miracle! Hubby's friend waited 45 days for his unit. My friend, Noris waited more than 2 weeks for hers (and even that is considered as fast!). And hubby gets his iPhone in 5days! Wow!!!!!

When I told hubby the great news, he wanted to pick it up NOW NOW NOW. Haha.. sounds a bit like me, eh? Well, his impatience was a bit unbearable, but I decided to spoil him anyway. So right after Friday prayers, off we went to the shop where my friend works in Mines Shopping Fair.

If he grins any bigger than this, I think he would break his neck.

First picture ever, using the iPhone 3GS

Me, relieved.

So this is the benchmark for this year's birthday present. And as always, I want a birthday present which is 5 times more expensive than his. So, Hubby, please can I have an LV bag? *bigggggg smile*

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