Friday, October 30, 2009

Aiden B*gel

A couple of pictures snapped by my cousin & niece during a family BBQ outing around 2 weeks back. In these pictures, Aiden is seen with his fellow cousin who is 6 months older than him. The BBQ was actually held to celebrate the girl's 1st birthday! But look at their body size - nearly the same!

Oh well, girls are praised for their lithe bodies while men tend to receive compliments for buffed bodies. I guess it is natural for Aiden to be bigger then...

Thanks for the pics, Jaja & Camelia!

Mummy's sweet smiling boy. I hope you inherit Daddy's "baby face" look. Hehe!

Is this the cute pout Aunty Dayang has been talking about?

The heartbreaker stare. Makes Mummy wanna rush home everyday!

Oh anakku ada double chin!

What's with the tangling legs, kids???

What a pose! Picking out kutu as well issit?


  1. I think he's going to grow up handsome and strong and the mummy has to look out for this ladies man...hehe

  2. Cutenyer posing dgn diapers :-)

  3. Yeah... Mummy's printing application forms for the girls to fill up. Hahaha... posing dgn diapers pun still nampak comel. Aiyoyoyoyoyo apela nak jadi ngan Aiden nie ;)


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