Saturday, October 17, 2009

Renovation Guide

Found this on the net, and thought I should do a mental checklist versus the recommended guide:

1) Set a budget, just set one even you don’t know how much it will be.

2) Plan your layout (living room,new kitchen, store, bathroom, bedroom, etc). Lightings, water taps, power sockets, autogate, door bell, build in cabinet, feature wall, windows, doors, alarm system, water pump, aircons, fans, hood, hob, ventilator, wardrobe, fridge, electrical appliances, etc.

3) Ask for quotations, if over budget then review your layout.

4) After confirming the layout and the price, start with the electrical and plumbing works if any. Make sure you don’t change your layout much again after this step.

5) Build ceiling & plaster ceiling

6) Tiling

7) Install lightings, switches, sockets.

8) Painting

9 ) Build in furniture (kitchen, wardrobe, feature wall, built in cabinet and carpentary works)

10) Move in furniture and electical appliances (aircon, fan, TV, etc)

So... should I start panicking now that I realise that me and hubby are still at Step 1? Even at Step 1 we're still discussing (read: arguing) over how much we really should spend for the new house.

Hmm.. maybe this is where the "opposites attract" thingy works it best. I'm forever wanting everything "NOW NOW NOW", while hubby is usually " let's sleep on it and then tomorrow reduce the wants and think of just the needs". One word - frustrating.

But one thing I do know. I need a walk-in wardrobe. Of course, the dream walk-in closet would be similar to the one Mr Big built for Carrie in Sex and the City *swoon* Erm.. reality check. Insufficient space. *sigh*

Well, i'm allowed to dream right? Nighty nite... I am off to Lala Land.

The dream walk-in closet. Yes, wishful thinking.

Okay, forget the walk-in closet. Can I have that Hermes Birkin handbag instead?

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