Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hubby's Birthday Dinner

Even though this post is called Hubby's Birthday Dinner, in actual fact it was held a day before his birthdate. Why, you might ask? Well, I was scheduled for a very important kick off meeting on hubby's birthday and I was also expected to send a report to my boss the day after. In other words I would be physically drained and/or too worked up over the document. *sigh* I need to get my priorities straight!

The other thing about this dinner was that it was arranged in a matter of minutes. To be perfectly honest, I was very much aware of the existence of hubby's birthday in the month of October. I swear! I really remembered! But blame it on work (again!). It totally slipped my mind, and then tick tock tick tock it was already the day before hubby's birthday. I even forgot his birthday card!

As for the birthday present - I simply did not know what to get for him! Historically I had purchased a camera lense, a golf set, and other stuff I don't remember. And to my defence, they were all lovingly picked by the beneficiary himself. I simply had to pay for it. So this year, I was absolutely lost without him choosing a present.

But last weekend he happened to mention that his friend had purchased an iPhone recently. He was going on and on about how cool it is, how frustrated he is that Aiden keeps sucking on his current phone, causing the speakers to go crazy sometimes, but also on how it just wasn't in his budget, with the new house and everything.

So, as soon as Monday (4 days before hubby’s birthday) came around, I rushed to Maxis during the lunch break. I was absolutely shocked when I found out that I had to wait AT LEAST 30 days before I could my hands on an iPhone! I walked back to the office, dejected.

Suddenly it hit me! One of my engineer colleagues at the office actually sells Apples part time. No, not jual epal but Apple. After explaining to her my predicament, she promised to help me out, someway!

So Wednesday arrived, and it was a day before hubby’s big day. I had to work all throughout lunch, and by the time I realised that I had forgot his birthday card, it was way too late! And me being super non-artistic, I printed a life-size picture of the iPhone and glued it onto some cardboard paper I managed to find in the stationery room. Then rushed home. At home, I had to pretend as if I had to tinker in the loo while I called the restaurant. First up, Tamarind Hill – closed for a private function. Second, Tamarind Springs – don’t except children below 12 years. Third, Latin Gaucho Grill – unsuitable for babies due to the bar and its smoking area nature. Finally, the lady from Westin recommended Italian Prego, and the best part about it – it came with a free birthday cake!

Aiden slept all the way to Westin and the restaurant. But as always, a few minutes before the yummy food arrives, he would wake up and ruin Mummy's meal. *sob*sob*

Hubby was going on and on about how I "forgot" his birthday. I asked him: "If I give you your birthday present, will you shut up?" Haha.. the lifesize iPhone card definitely shut him up. Can you see the biggggggg grin on his face?

Hubby's beef rump.

My lamb chops, wrapped in paper parchment.

Aiden wanted to be apart of the celebration as well!

A bevy of waiter and waitresses sang their heart out to hubby! Nyummy chocolate coffee ice-cream cake! Nyummier since its FOC *grin*

This is us.

Red noses provided by Prego. Even Aiden got one!

Happy 28th Birthday Sayang! Make a wish! And no, no wishes for another baby yet okay?

Popped Aiden his binky not because he was noisy, but because his fingers were interested with just about everything on the table!

Aiden, the red nose reindeer. Hehehe!

Right, that's the end of the birthday dinner!

Prego snapped a picture of us with the birthday cake and presented it to us in a frame with the bill. Absolutely love the thoughtful idea!

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