Friday, October 16, 2009

Of Police Beats and Raya Dinners

Yes, I know this post is a bit belated, but better late than never right?

And so I woke up bright and early, looking forward to going to the Cahaya SPK Police Beat launch cum raya gathering. It was a bright sunny day! After handing Aiden over to Bibik for his morning bath, I did the same, whilst shrieking to hubby to WAKE UP!!! Of course, he only trudged to the bathroom after half an hour of shrieking, by the time we were ALL ready to get into the car for the drive to Shah Alam, it was already 10am! And lo’ and behold, we missed the whole event!

So we missed the action packed mat rempits and car chase demonstrations by the police. Sob sob. According to our (future) neighbours, during the car chase demonstration, a media cameraman got over excited and darted into the road for a picture, causing the Kenari to swerve and hit the Evo Police Car! Wowwww… and we missed it all! Aarrgghhh!!!

But we got to meet the clan of neighbours. Had good food (and be merry). Got a first hand look at the new police beat and their array of machine guns, shot guns and revolvers. Then visited a neighbour’s house who was busy installing his plaster ceiling and kitchen cabinets. Overall, a great day out!

In my effort to take more creative pictures. Tak jadi!

The welcome fountain ;)

Our own police beat! Yeay!

Cool helium balloons

Picture courtesy of

Aiden enjoying the event!

Banyak VIP nie! And we missed it all :(

The new precinct planned by the lake. Tak mampu!!!

Machine gun? Rifle? Revolver? Whatever!

Hubby shooting ducks...

The wrecked Evo.

Then of course, we simply had to visit our OWN house. The road was finally tarred and we could drive all the way to our house! They were making very good progress – even the Jacuzzi was already installed. I predict getting our house keys by, erm… end of the month?

Izzi parked in front of the house for the very first time!

Say Yeay for Jacuzzi!

I now know who my opposite neighbour is!

Apesal turf separuh jalan nie? Uurrgghhh..

We then headed to our first open house for the day. Malek, a good friend of mine since my Sakhalin days, invited us over to his house for a small makan makan. He recently paid a good sum of his Sakhalin salary to renovate his house. And it was all worth it! The interior designer did a really good job (even though it cost a bomb!) and made his house look even nicer than his neighbour’s (a rich Datuk!) house. Apart from the normal shebang that interior designers do on bedrooms and kitchens, he also paid for a gazebo and an AV room! What more could you ask for right?

Malek lives in Shah Alam as well, and right beside his house there were a few brand new Semi-Ds for sale. We had initially looked at those houses before Cahaya SPK but… damn, we could not afford it. *sigh*

Essente... buy it only if you have at least 1.5M in your bank!

We left Malek’s abode at around 3pm, and by then hubby was rushing us to go home. His office was organizing a Raya dinner that night and he was elected as the photographer for the night. So we had to cancel all our other open houses (sorry Iza &Noris), and rush home.

The dinner was held at JW Marriott, and they had an array of performers: Adibah Noor, Rabbani, Anita Sarawak and even Datuk M Daud Kilau! *geleng kepala*. If only they had spent this much on their employee’s bonus, I would not geleng kepala lah!

More pictures of the dinner to be uploaded later from hubby’s SLR. For now, feast your eyes on how kurus Anita Sarawak really is!

Mummy and Aiden bored without Daddy around sebab Daddy sibuk jadi photographer berjaya.

Kurus kan???!!!

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  1. Rugi tak boleh pegi that day....sibuk kemas rumah utk open house...member hubby aka bakal neighbour pun pegi lewat...dekat 12pm gak!!

    Kitaorg ada tengok esente tu jugak...cun kan :-)


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