Monday, December 7, 2009

Aiden and The Jacuzzi

Yet another Saturday at Cahaya SPK. The previously bare garden, is now full of lalang and weeds. And still no keys. *sigh* SPK is really getting on my nerves. It doesn't help that I have a truckload full of Macy stuff to be delivered to the new house in approximately 3 weeks! Where am I going to store them then?

And somehow - with the 30feet garden full of weeds, me and hubby (separately) felt like the garden is small. Can a garden shrink? Or will it naturally look smaller when it is full of lalang? Or was it just our sentiments, boosted by our merajuk feeling towards SPK? When I first stepped foot into the house (it was barely 60% complete), it felt like the house was small. Yet when it was 85% complete, it felt "just nice". Hubby said unfinished houses do tend to look smaller. The question is, do cluttered gardens impose the same feeling?

Aiden is forever in Daddy's arms nowadays!

That's how deep the Jacuzzi is. Perfect!

Aiden: "Mummy, why am I in the tub?"

"Ooohhh... I get an upgrade? From my froggy bathtub to a jacuzzi?"

"I bet my crocodile toy will love it too!"

"That's it? We're done? No water?"

"No water, no dimple for you!"

"Okay Mummy, you win. Dimple alert!"


  1. froggy bathtub?? hmmm.. aunty rasa aunty tau la.. the green froggy 'safety first' bathtub right?? sama lah macam aidan.. kekeke..

  2. An empty house does look empty but don't worry I'm sure you can fill it up with LOVE!!

  3. Belum dapat kunci liz?? Dun worry...perasaan macam tu kami pernah lalui jugak...hubby pun banyak kali cakap macam nak jual balik rumah tu tapi pikir2 balik sampai ke tua la dok cari rumah yg betul2 kita puas hati least tanah tepi u lagi luasss.... ;-)

  4. Sara - you got that one right! Hehehe tapi froggy mat die tuh tak pernah guna pun! Cos he likes to be cradled when mandi. If letak atas froggy mat tuh sure melalak.

    Noris - How tuh fill the house with love when I don't even have the keys???? ;P

    Eynda - memang terasa sangat dgn SPK skarang. Dulu hal PE. Skarang, senyappp pulak pasal status kunci. Mmg sekarang rasa half hearted jer nak duduk kat rumah tuh.


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