Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Birthday Treat

Last Tuesday, the office gang took me out for a birthday treat. *so shhhweet* Damn! I am already 27. Guess where we went? Pavillion! It was a tie between having La Bodega or The Loaf, and Liza (as usual, missy blurry as humanely possible) chose The Loaf seperti ala ala birthday dia yang nak di-celebrate kan. Haha, I didn't take offense, cos by the time we were at the parking area, I still couldn't make up my mind. And Liza being Liza, she apologized profusely when she finally figured out that we were out to celebrate my birthday and the birthday girl usually chooses the restaurant. Oh well, I still love her to bits!

The Loaf was having a Christmas promotion. Buy three main meals, and you get to spin the (so called) wheel of fortune to win a prize. Usually, the waiter would do the spinning, but because it was my birthday, they said I could do the honours!

We were soooo looking forward to getting the dessert. Unfortunately the arrow landed on Mushroom Soup! And us being Engineers, we gave the spin another try. Different speed, velocity, force, friction, and it still landed on Mushroom Soup. Then we started checking the structure of the spinning wheel. We were convinced that there was a pemberat somewhere which makes the wheel stop at Mushroom Soup all the time!

Spin the wheel, birthday girl!

We were lucky Christmas Spin #002. They must have just introduced the spin!

Though I have to admit, the Mushroom Soup was nyummy. The portion looks small but actually the bowl is quite deep. Unique, but such a waste of porcelain.

Last time I had Salmon was probably in Sakhalin - a year ago. It was all I could eat that was halal. It took me a year to recover from it. So, for me to be able to eat the above, is an achievement!

Comot-nyer makan!

After lunch, we had some cheese cuppies to go. Nyummy sampai menjilat siku. Longan and almonds, cheese and lemon. The plan was to have these for tea in the pantry.

Like we care!

Back home, Aiden greeted me with this! He's trying the "precrawl" exercise - rocking back and forth on hands and knees with his trunk parallel to the floor.

I hope he will soon lunge forward onto all fours!

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