Friday, December 4, 2009

Daddy Leaves for Singapore (Yet Again)!

After the birthday event in Ipoh, we headed back to KL on Sunday night. It was a two car convoy - us in one car and Awien plus Shah in another. Unfortunately, the jam was absolutely horrendous! We had just left Ipoh, and nearing Simpang Pulai when Aiden decided to poo-poo. So we stopped by the R&R roadside and as I was busy changing Aiden’s diaper at the back seat of the car (desperate times calls for desperate measures), Hubby & Shah made an executive decision to delay the journey. New plan – leave Ipoh at 4am and drive in peace.

So we exited at the Simpang Pulai exit and made our way back towards Ipoh. I didn’t really mind the delay, as I could use the time to prepare my presentation pack for Tuesday. So we all went to bed at 12am-ish, alarm clocks turned on for 4am.

Of course, we only woke up at 6am. Rushed out onto the highway. I was extremely grumpy. Thank god the traffic wasn’t too bad, and arrived in KL at around 9am. Instructed Bibik to give Aiden his meal and then a quick nap. After a quick shower, I sent hubby to the office (he wanted to clear out some HR problems in his old office) while I went to the photo shop to get pictures printed for the Aussino Nursery Makeover contest.

Aiden sleeping in his car seat while Daddy broke all speed limits driving the family back to KL.

By the time everything was done, it was close to 1pm. I rushed home (why am I always in a rush??!!) to pick up Aiden and then drove to pick up Hubby. We were scheduled for an appointment with two ID contractors. And find time in the middle of both appointments to drop off the contest form at the Aussino factory cum office in Shah Alam.

We were very impressed with the effort the first ID had contributed to their proposal. Very professional looking hard backed layout with 3D styles for specific areas of the house. They even presented two options for us to choose from. One was our original request, while the second was their idea. Actually their idea was quite ‘out of the box’. They wanted to knock the patio and turn it into a huge double volume (high ceiling) dining room. Then the existing dining room can become a bigger dry kitchen! In the end, we told them that we agreed to both options, so next step is to wait for the detailed quotation. *sigh* I think it is going to cost a bomb!

Look at their presentation! So professional! Siap story board lagi!

Okay nampak sangat gambar amik senyap senyap. Haha!

After the meeting we rushed to the Aussino factory. We had 15 minutes to spare before having to meet up with the second ID. Arriving at the Aussino gates, we were greeted with banners practically shouting “Factory Outlet Sale”! Being a bargain hunter, I simply could not resist taking a peek. I ended up buying two quilt cover sets, one single bedsheet set (for Aiden) and four (buy one free one) sets of towel (set of three). It was soooo bloody cheap. Everywhere you looked, you could find bedsheets, quilts, comforters, pillows. If you have the time, please go check it out!! Just bear in mind that you will need to be very patient to look for the size you want – single, queen, king?

Now this is what you call bedsheet heaven!

Aiden and Daddy, tired and sweaty in the sale area. While Mummy went bonkers shopping. Hmm...

My latest loot. The Sino Cotton Sateen - Queen (600 thread count!!) was only RM120. The towel set of three was buy one free one, so RM50 for 2. Aiden's single bedsheet was only RM27. Another quilt cover set 270 thread count - King (not seen here), which I swear is one of their latest designs, was only RM70. Towels were going for less than RM20. Crazy bargain!

Then off to ID number two. We were going to meet him at his house in Bukit Jelutong. They also placed quite an effort in their design. They had 3D drawings ready for the patio, the living hall, dining hall and bedroom. Their idea was to place timber decking from the patio all the way across my 30feet garden! From the 3D drawing, we could see how exclusive it would look! But do you know how much timber flooring costs nowadays? *sigh* Again, waiting for quotation.

The 30feet extended patio, and the resort style master bedroom.

Overall concept and style.

Floor plan with furniture ideas.

Living hall, dining hall and dry kitchen.

Rushed back home. It was less than three hours before Hubby’s flight. I prepared dinner while Hubby started packing. Time to go back to Singapore. *double sigh* After gobbling down his favourite Ayam Masak Merah, we loaded the car with his luggage and Shah drove to KLIA at a record breaking speed of nearly 16okm/hr. Hubby made it at just the nick of time! Pheww!

Another 5 minutes, and hubby would have to take another flight.

The crowd sending Hubby off at the airport.

It was Aiden’s first time at the airport. He was so amazed at the lights, and the sounds! And of course, the pretty stewardess!

Bye Daddy! Next time we see you, we'll be spending Christmas in Singapore!

The end.

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