Saturday, December 19, 2009

We're in Singapore!

We are on Singapore soil! We were this close to cancelling the whole thing. All because Mummy misplaced Aiden's passport.

Mummy took Aiden's passport out of the safe place about two weeks back - to check on his passport number to buy Air Asia tickets online. And Mummy totally forgot to return it to the original place. Which is very unlike Mummy because Mummy is very cermat.

Good thing Mummy tergerak hati to put tickets and passports into her handbag the night before the flight - and that was when Mummy discoverd that Aiden's passport was missing.......

After that, the whole world turned topsy turvy, starting from the police station to immigration, to home, to immigration, to police station, to immigration again. Somewhere in between, Bibik found Aiden's passport and Mummy shed tears at the immigration counter. Aiden's passport was finally activated again around 6pm, rushed home to pack, left the house at 745pm, arrived at LCCT an hour after only to find the counter closed. But the pretty stewardess pitied Aiden's sad puppy eyes and let us through.

So, I guess it was just meant to be.... right Aiden?

Daddy came back from work and off we went to Orchard Road!

Aiden posing with his brand new cap, the one he kept flinging around in the airplane.

Aiden checking out their longgg legs...

Mummy and Aiden killing time while Daddy shops. Aik? Wait a minute! Why is Daddy shopping instead of Mummy?

Oh chubby cheeks!

Thank you Aunty Emmy for the fabulous t-shirt. Baru muat!

Grumble grumble grumble...

Tomorrow's another day!


  1. happy holiday lizz n aiden and hepi shopping also :)


  2. Happy holiday liz...bulatnyer mata Aiden...cumels :-)


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