Sunday, December 13, 2009

Of Spiked Cendol

No, no... my cendol wasn't spiked and I am not high or anything. Though I am still feeling a bit "high" over the LCD TV win. I swear I slept smiling the night I knew about the win.

Anyway, this is actually a recap of last weekend, a weekend when hubby was in KL. This weekend he's MIA, slaving over work to be able to sustain his wifey's hazardous shopaholic ways. Not only had he recently purchased my birthday present (once it arrives in my hands i'll definitely blog about it! *drool*) but we're leaving for Singapore in exactly 5 more days, which equals more shopping!

We didn't really have a hala tuju that day. Besides meeting one contractor, our time was completely up to us to plan. So what happened? I'll explain in pictures:

1015am: Mummy and Aiden posing in the car while Daddy drives to Armada Hotel, PJ.

1045am: Daddy attempts to take a picture of Aiden's spiky hair (it's now long enough to style spiked, yeay!), while Mummy walks into Armada Hotel for the Coach warehouse sale.

1050am: Daddy's second attempt (look at those apple cheeks and chiselled chin!). Meanwhile, Mummy - approximately 500 meters away in the hotel lobby was cursing as the Coach sale was sold out! Apparently, they sold out at 9:45am, 45 minutes after opening! Hubby subsequently queried: "Yang, diaorg jual 5 bijik bag aje ke?"

105pm: Halfway during the meeting with the contractor in Bukit Jelutong, Aiden decided to poopoo. Toilet didn't have proper changing table facilities (for obvious reasons) so had to make use of the table to change Aiden's diaper.

330pm: Aiden and Daddy sleeping in the car while Mummy went shopping at another warehouse sale.

415pm: Aiden still sleeping, Mummy finally done with shopping.

420pm: Left the warehouse sale. Famished.

510pm: Sat down for the most scrumptious mee rebus in Ampang. *more drool*

520pm: Aiden refused to sit still, so we decided to give him a bit of Cendol. He is usually calm and quiet when given food.

525pm: Wrong decision. Aiden got extremely hyper afterwards from the sugar and coconut milk.

Needless to say, we have learnt our lesson. Never give any kind of sugar overdose to Aiden. Sugar and babies, don't go well. We were so pooped from keeping Aiden from trying to grab this, pull that, bite this, press that. Not only did he act hyper, he was squealing in delight like he was "high"! Until he finally dozed off at close to 1am... at which Mummy and Daddy gave in as well and we slept like babies!

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