Friday, December 11, 2009

Aiden's First Time in the Supermarket Cart

This may be pretty silly, but I insist on documenting this anyway. After conquering various baby chairs, now Aiden is stable enough to sit (supported) in the supermarket cart. Actually, he can balance himself unsupported - but because the cart is something new to him, he's constantly bending forward. So if we don't support or push his body backwords to sandar, his head will bang on the trolley handle. Why does he bend forward, you may ask? *sigh* What else, but to suck on the horizontal steel bar, part of the structure of the cart. How do I explain to him that it is probably encrusted with millions of germs, and don't taste nyummy at all??!! It's not like Hero Supermarket is a posh, fine and dandy supermarket like Cold Storage or something. Can you imagine the diversity of people who shop at this particular supermarket? *shudders*

That's Daddy's hand - one pushing Aiden back, while the other pushes the cart forward. Only one can shop at a time, because the other has to constantly guard Aiden from resorting to his cheeky ways!

Look at his fingers! He looks absolutely amazed with the rusty steel bar. *sigh*

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