Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Incident Free Dinner

Last Friday, the Dutch Oil Company found an excuse to treat all their employees for dinner: 20million man hours free from incidents. A good excuse as any other to give good food and good entertainment. I'm not complaining!

Unfortunately, hubby was still in Singapore, so I had to settle for second best - my sister. Initial plan was to not bring Aiden (read: partay all night long), but close to the event my maternal instincts managed to supress the party freak in me. So Aiden got to wear his tuxedo, again!

The dinner was held in Westin, KL. They booked the whole ballroom to cater for the whole office and spouse. The food was great. I especially enjoyed the "nestum prawn", cos the only other place I know which serves the same scrumptious dish is way down in Ipoh. The yummy desserts and lamb with mint sauce was to die for as well.

A unique thing about the event was the lucky draw. Since the dinner was held to celebrate our achievement in safety, guess what the prizes were? I have personally never seen this given out as lucky draw prizes, though they are certainly not cheap. Yup, they gave away first aid kids, fire extinguishers and blood pressure monitors, to name a few. Creative, but hillarious!

Entertainment was, erm.. entertaining? A lot of Latin stuff - latin dances, latin music. I missed quite a few of those because I was either a) Eating b) Tending to Aiden or c) Running out of the ballroom to save Aiden's poor ear drums from splitting due to the loud music.

Aiden behaved really well. As usual, whenever anyone picks him up, he would stare at the person intently, as if trying to decipher something really complicated. He only cried whenever there were loud sounds (like uncorking the grape juice or the band hitting on the drums). Kept him occupied with stuff from my bag - he chewed through practically everything!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

Found the time to snap a picture before applying make up.

Aiden in the car seat (without shoes!) while Mummy drives carefully (alone!) to the hotel.

Ini kes amik gambar lupa anak nie!

Now, since when do I take pictures with milk bottles as center pieces? *sigh* I am soo officially a Mummy.

Using Aiden as a baby to practice for future needs ;)

Spastic mamat sorang nie.

Aiden relishing the taste of Mummy's compact mirror. And yeay! Aiden is now able to sit in baby chairs! Look at his tuxedo hanging on his chair back...

Look at Aiden's drool from chomping on anything and everything!

The office, albeit we were missing a few (Azwin, where were youuuu???)

I managed to snap a picture of Huraizah uncorking the grape juice, then scooped Aiden out of his baby chair and out of the ballroom, just in time before they screamed in celebration! *phew* Gegendang telinga intact? Check!

Just after the video presentation, on what else? Safety! Duh!

Baxter crooning his heart out to the applauding audience.

My dress was super duper sexy. Therefore had to remained covered up in pashmina the whole night.

Aiden's fingers were getting cold, so he donned his tuxedo jacket. No cummerband though, entah Mummy campak pegi mane entah!

My cutie pie!

Posing with Aunty Awien, who helped a lot in baby sitting Aiden (in return for free food!)

Aiden had some dessert. Nyummy kan Aiden?

Sweet Alya.

And Myra won a blood pressure monitor! Very handy once she marries Yazid. Haha!

Aiden was given a prop to compliment his tuxedo.

Sape lagi yang nak corrupt Aiden, if not the Aunty on the left! I swear, once Aiden turns 18, Aunty Huraizah will be the one dragging him to clubs!

And the best ending to the night. Hubby arrives at the hotel a few minutes before midnight, all the way from Singapore.

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  1. first aid kiDs ya? hehehe


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