Thursday, February 4, 2010

Goodbye Dopod

After serving us for a good (nearly) 3years, the Dopod finally succumbed to Aiden's saliva and officially crashed at 10pm yesterday - just 3hours after I picked up my brand new iPhone from Maxis KLCC.

Yes, now both hubby and I have iPhones. His is black while mine is white. And with the new phone, I'll be able to take videos of Aiden, stop relying on the 4year old Canon digital camera for pictures and hopefully start blogging regularly. No more excuses!

Therefore, we bid you farewell Dopod. We'll miss you.

Oh, and welcome iPhone.

Crappy lighting from the overhead lights made this picture look like it was taken by the Dopod instead of the iPhone!

My new baby ;)

- Posted on the go from my iPhone


  1. blueeekkkk!!! sempat lagi tue.. posted on the go from my iphone!! hahaha.. :p

  2. Blackberry all the way.. =p


  3. Jaja & Zul,

    Korang nie mmg jealous tahap cipan kan??? IPhone rules!!!!!


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