Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free Lunch!

I have had two free lunches this week! All thanks to the Dutch Oil Company. And both lunches were so scrumptious, I ate so much that I was full even until dinner!

The first lunch was the official farewell lunch for the 4 Topsides engineers who were leaving us. Fine, they actually missed out my name in the invitation list and I actually merajuk and didn't want to go. Until the Topsides Lead told someone to tell me to come. Hah!

The farewell lunch was held at the Saisaki Japanese Buffet in UOA. The second last time I was there was when I was still carrying Aiden. Back then my fabulous boss decided to take the team (they didn't forget to include my name in the invite list this time!) for lunch to celebrate one of my final meals before popping and being officially on maternity leave! It was my first time at the restaurant and I was so impressed with not only the food and the choice, but also the price! They laid out so many dishes that I actually wondered how they could make a profit from the price they charge as compared to the choices they provided. The soft shell crabs were absolutely to die for. They had fresh oysters and delicious desserts. And not to forget the lamb shanks, roasted duck, pasta, sashimis and all the sushi that you can eat!

I was so impressed that two days after that I dragged Hubby there for dinner. Just as I was shoving the first spoonful in my mouth, my sister called to ask on my whereabouts and upon hearing where we were, she dragged her fiancee there for dinner as well. The four of us piled our plates high and ate so much until we could eat no more. Then we discovered that they had a wastage rule. If you have uneaten food on your plate, they will weigh the food and charge you accordingly! So we had to resort to discarding the uneaten food the 'smart' way - by hiding it in our napkins, dropping it on the floor, dumping it with the remnants of the eaten food. Okay you get the drift. And thankfully, we got away with it.

Sorry, no other pictures other than this one because I was too busy stuffing myself silly!

Edmund, the Topsides Lead giving a thank you speech to the four engineers.

The team.

My office gang were a bit late so they had to sit at a smaller, separate table at the side.

Farewell souvenir for Sanjeev.

And Hazli.

And Su Fook. Edmund made a joke about how Su Fook came in so fast and left so fast that we didn't even realise he was in the team!

Sanjeev's farewell speech *sob*sob*crocodile tears*

The office gang bored with all the speeches.

Then the Project Manager gave a speech. Next time, if you're ever leaving a project, make sure it is in numbers. Because that justifies not only team lunch, but also a souvenir!

"I would like to thank my Mum, my Dad......" (typical Sanjeev lawak)

Invaluable contribution? Really Sanjeev??? What about all those office hours on Facebook? *cheeky smile*

And the second lunch was just today. I organized this one for the team, to celebrate a milestone - the end of conceptual design (soon!) and to bade farewell to the consultants who have helped us throughout this phase. It was a group decision to have lunch at the Traders Hotel, because most of us were bored of the Nikko and Mandarin Oriental buffet.
I have only been to Traders twice. The first time was when Hubby organized a surprise birthday dinner (surprise sangat la, on my birthday I had to walk all the way through the KL Convention Centre with Hubby telling me "nothing, nothing, let's just take a walk..."). It was such a pretty place, the food was good and the cake was nyummy! The second time was when a Dutch friend of mine was in KL for a meeting and he wanted to meet up at the Sky Bar. It was there that I had my first taste of lemongrass mocktail, and also, remind me to not wear high heels there ever again for fear of losing my balance and falling into the swimming pool!

Love the elevator wall. Can I replicate it somewhere in the new house?

5th floor - Gobo Chit Chat. I was so surprised to find that when I walked in, it was the exact same place that Hubby had taken me to for my birthday. *sentimental*

That's the (incomplete) team.

Kong made a joke of ordering the Cristol Louis champagne which is RM2190 per bottle, and then taking the rest of the day off!

Can you see the restaurant? Also, I was amazed by the glasses they used. The glasses came complete with bubbles already embossed in them. So when you pour water in it, it looks like the water is all fuzzy, bubbly and cold (condensation). Now where can I get these... hmmm...

My full plate - round 1. And the food was sooooooo good. Definitely taking Hubby here!

My favorites in one plate: prawns and bread/butter/chocolate pudding.

The vast selection of dessert.

Very unique. Instead of having printed signs for the desserts, they actually handwrite the dessert name using cream/icing on the platter. This is the caramalized jackfruit.

Can you read this one? I think it says banana something?

I definitely have a sweet tooth.

The waiters and waitresses at Traders were very proactive in picking up your plates and utensils once you're done. Twice, I had just placed my fork and spoon together and they immediately swooped in and cleared my plate!

Kong, enjoying one of his last peaceful meals before becoming a Daddy!

Near to the end of the meal, I received an urgent phone call from the office telling me that I had left my laptop and books in a meeting room which was going to be used for a meeting! And here I thought that I had booked the meeting room for the desktop review the whole day! So I had to leave the others still enjoying their lunch and walked (jogged?) back to the office.

Walked all alone through the KL Convention Centre, and realised that HomeDec was coming!

Tomorrow to be exact! And the sudden realisation that Hubby will miss this for the very first time! But no way am I missing this. See you at HomeDec!

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