Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Saturday in Cahaya SPK

Saturday arrives, and it is yet again another day for meeting contractors. This is the 3rd Saturday (in a row) that we have arranged for appointments with ID designers. This time around, we had scheduled 2 ID companies and 2 contractors to view our house for a quotation.

Nothing much has changed since the previous Saturday we were there. At the pace they're going, I don't know how they are going to keep to their promise of delivering the keys by the middle of the month.

We are starting to get quotations left and right from the numerous ID teams that we've met. For the renovation we are doing plus some interior design and external landscaping, the cheapest quote was nearly 150K. When we heard this, we nearly died.

The whole stretch of fences surrounding the Precinct has been painted white. In a way, it kinda hides the horrible PE doesn't it?

Finally the pebble stones arrive. Pebble stones are used to cover all extenal piping in the garden.

They have unwrapped the Jacuzzi! When hubby saw this, he said "This is going to be our oversized laundry basket" Haha...

Whee, we have water! We don't even remember when we signed the documents for electricity and water. Must be when we signed the SPA. Hmm... *tak ingat*!

As usual, after returning home from a visit to Cahaya SPK, we would be all excited about starting our renovation, moving in and decorating the house. And hubby, an ardent artist, was set about coming up with his own drawings. Very unlike me , who can barely draw a strawman.

Hubby hard at work, pouring his ideas on paper.

Hubby's 3D perspective on how the landscape for our pergola and garden would look like. He drew this in, erm, say 5 minutes? *kagum*

The plan view of our (extended) living room, renovated patio and dining hall. The only thing I drew were the sofa and dining set.

The plan view of our (extended) master bedroom, living hall and Aiden's room. I drew nearly 70% of this. Which explains why it looks hideous. Oh, and this is an adjusted drawing. The original one allocated less than a quarter of the bedroom for my closet. After much coaxing, hubby finally relented and agreed to give me a bigger walk in closet. Woohoo! However, in return, I had to forgo the closet in the 3rd bedroom *sigh*

Hubby's 3D perspective of our dry kitchen. The only thing I drew was the kepala paip. Should we add a breakfast bar to this? Hmm...

Well that's about it. We'll be in the area again next Saturday for the 4th round of interior designers. Hopefully this will be the last Saturday of meeting IDs, and we can finally make an educated decision about which to pick! Then hubby can depart to Singapore in peace.

Yes, hubby is being posted to Singapore for work for a whole year. After being patient with me being an offshore wifey for the past 2 years, this is his time to "return the favour". *sigh*

And yes, you don't have to tell me. This is not the end of our renovation and moving in misery.


  1. wahhh..kagumnya..terror hubby mu lukis ekk..

  2. I'm a silent reader liz.. :D i LOVE the pergola!! and I am definitely going to use the design for mine.. I really hope ur hubby don't mine.. my house actually has not even been completed.. i prayed it will be done somehow by early next year.. cheers!!

  3. Liz...pagar putih tu nanti diaorg buat keliling precint ke? atau setakat situ je....

  4. Ana, tak sangka Ana ada blog! Nice to (virtual) meet you too. Cantik renovation, hubby Ana pun friendly cerita pasal renovation, so selalu lah update pasal rumah okay? ;)

    Farah (right?), wow honoured to have you as a silent reader. Glad you left a comment. No worries, drawing tuh takda copyright reserved pun. My hubby tgh happy sebab orang puji drawing dia cantik. Btw, where's the new house located?

    Eynda, rasanyer pagar putih tuh keliling precint. Bagus jugak, rase safe sikit. Tapi susah lah nak access surau/playground kalau jalan kaki. Kita bukannyer ade jalan tengah/jalan belakang macam link houses kat P2. Kalau nak pegi surau kena jalan sampai jalan besar!

  5. ur hubby arkitek ke? fuyoo ada jakuzzi..

  6. Heheheh Wirda, percayalah jacuzzi tuh kejap jer jadi jacuzzi. Lepas tuh sure jadi laundry basket. Collect habuk.

    Hubby engineer. Salah bidang kut, patut jadi arkitek eh? ;)

  7. Kalau keliling kira gated la kan...bagus tu bagus la...tapi macam liz cakap...nak ke surau kena pegi main road tu?? Owwhh tetiba yg dekat jadi jauh la pulak hihi...


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