Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Amelle (and Malaysia)!!

Happy Merdeka peeps...

This year, we not only celebrated Malaysia's birthday, but also Amelle's first birthday! Amelle is my future neighbour's daughter. By neighbour I mean right opposite our new house. Aiden and Amelle were both born in 2009 and I bet they will become close playmates due to the close proximities of our houses.

This neighbour of mine, not only is she a lawyer, but she is a budding business woman as well. She has opened a kindergarten in Cahaya SPK - the one and only, in fact. So what a great way to not only celebrate her daughter's birthday, but to also provide an opportunity for parents all around the new neighbourhood to check out her brand new kindy...

Thanks for the great picture Wan. (Cilok from Facebook)

Aiden had such a great time exploring the educational toys in the kindergarten.

Khusyuk trying to hammer the 'nail' in.

Soon, Aidan (Wan's first son - pronounced Aiden as well) joined in the chorus of bangings.

Amelle - proud to be a Merdeka baby!

This is how the downstairs hall looks like. The walls were all painted in cheery colours, decorated with Malaysian flag streamers and balloons.

They even had a corner for cupcake decorating - complete with small Malaysian flags on toothpicks!

Unfortunately, Aiden was too small to join in.

He kept himself occupied with books instead (muttering "Yeih, yeih, yah" all the way - his favourite phrase for now...).

Upstairs, they organized a colouring activity for the kids. Colouring the Malaysian flag!

Outside, Aiden was having the time of his life running around with the other big kids.

Checking out the grounds, he couldn't decide which one he wanted to do first.

First was the slide.

After he had slid he way down, he decided he wanted more, so he climbed the other way up!

Daddy helping Aiden while the whole queue on the slide became a stand still.

Next, he wanted to play house.

"Knock, knock, who's there?"

"Peekaboo, Mummy!"

"Daddy, look at me!"

Of course, not to forget his favourite past time - checking for house defects!

Inside, the kids were playing pass-the-ball and musical chairs.

Adnan, proudly showing off his lil' sister's cake.

And then it was time to eat. Kiddos only. Adults puasa!

And finally, the birthday girl arrives. Happy birthday, Amelle!

Last picture for the day. Thank you for the invite, Wan! Aiden certainly had fun exploring your kindy and loved the goody bag - his first encounter with sumi jelly and lollipops.

After that, we went to pick up poor Baby Beemer from the workshop.

Shouldn't call him 'poor' anymore, he looks great! Just in time for raya...

Yes, Hubby splurged on a new spoiler for Baby Beemer...

And removed the 3-series nameplate.

Welcome home, baby!

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