Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hantu Durian!

I have been craving durians for the past week. It is crazy! I've been consuming cendol durian, the two-packs-for-the-price-of-one durians in Tesco, durian donuts at Big Apple, and yet I am still craving for more! Last week I even drove all the way to Great Eastern Mall's Penang Village during dinner for some durian pancake but alas, they stop serving durian pancakes at 6pm so I haven't been able to quench that longing!

Have you guys been to Penang Village? I love their local dishes. The office gang and I have tried nearly every dish there and we have never been disappointed yet. My absolute favorite is the TomYam Fried Rice.

I was pleasantly surprised that they even had plastic cutleries for Aiden. Don't be fooled by this innocent face.

There's Aiden cooking up a mess.

Love the ambience - everything is white and pristine clean.

And finally, everything ends up in his mouth.

And for the past few weeks I have been swimming in work and more work. Sometimes skipping lunch or munching on biscuits from the pantry while I type furiously, stressing myself out sometimes. So that day, when the office gang decided to head to Mandarin Oriental for some dim sum, I simply had to decline. I was swamped with work! I knew lunch at MO was going to take a lot longer than a normal KLCC lunch.

So I was pleasantly surprised when at 6pm, after being cooped up in a meeting room for the past 9 hours (with only half an hour in between for lunch), I walked up to my desk and found this on my table!

Special delivery, courtesy of Jalina!

Durian pancakes. Even better than the ones served at Penang Village, so she claims. See the label? It says good to eat up till 5pm only. Unfortunately I only found it at 6pm.

No way was I going to let these babies go to waste.

Despite being expired by an hour, it was scrumptious. Real durian stuffed in the middle of the pancake. Yellow gooey and really good.

Thank you, Jalina! You know me well enough to know that I am a Hantu Durian!

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