Thursday, May 14, 2015

Detox, Anyone???

I had lunch with a girlfriend recently, who shared her experience with detox. She tried the La Juiceria one day detox program. According to her, her pee (excuse my language!) smelt so bad that she felt sorry for the person who was going to use the toilet after her! *chuckles*

I guess the toxins going out of her body were responsible for the smell and all. Which is ultimately a good sign, no?

Convinced, I decided to give it a try too. Last Friday, La Juiceria opened their latest outlet in Nu Sentral. So I decided to take the plunge! The one day detox program includes 6 bottles of cold-pressed juice for RM99. It also comes with a cooler bag (to keep your juices cold for your trip home), organic raw cashew nuts (in case you feel hungry) and a very detailed detox cleanse schedule.

Do you think you're ready for detox? Detox is a strict diet regime - hence for the entire day you will consume no food, no sugar... (and no fun!) as the purpose is to take the loads off organs that detoxify the body. If you think you can do this, read on about my one day experience below!

La Juiceria one day detox program... plus a complimentary Vital Shot (or The Defender).

So the first thing I did when I rolled out of bed... was planned what I wanted to have for breakfast. No seriously, that was what I did. Until I opened the fridge and realized that the juice was going to expire that day! *boohoohoo* So first tip - buy this only when you have made time in your schedule to detox. These juices are best consumed within 2 days, and will expire on the 3rd day (the day I did my detox). 

Went through the detox cleanse schedule, and set my mind to follow it to a T. No food for a day? Given my previous experience with the paleo diet, this one... aaahhh kacang putih lah

So breakfast became warm lemon water instead. An hour after that I had my first juice - Goodness Greens. Oh my god... it was the worse taste ever. I think I gagged after the first mouthful! (Fret not, the rest of the juices were quite bearable!) It took me half and hour to finish it,and you even have to swirl the juice around your mouth to release salivary enzymes that help break down the nutrients for easy absorption... ewwww.

300ml of water after that, it was time for brunch with juice #2 - Mint Lemonade. Much better taste. Unfortunately, due to all the liquids I was consuming, I had to run to the toilet every half an hour. And just my luck, I had to send the car to the workshop that day. So I had to brave peeing at the workshop toilet - I was that desperate. Sigh, where was my bladder control when I needed it??? Hence tip #2 is, make sure you have easy access to (clean) toilets when you do this. No important meetings too, cos you will run out of the meeting quite frequently and annoy your boss immensely! *grin*

300ml of water after juice #2, my tummy was growling for lunch. Downed juice #3 - Tropical Greens... uurrgghh it was as horrible as the first juice. I'm really hating these green coloured juices! The good thing is, the pang of hunger went away. 

No green juices, please! Any other colour but green!

300ml of alkaline water and lots of toilet breaks later, I had juice #4 - Gold Glow for tea time. This one tasted quite good! I'm happy with anything but green juices. After 300ml of water and frequent visits to the toilet, the clock showed 6pm and it was time for (very early!) dinner with juice #5 - Beet Aid. This one was bearable but I wished it didn't have the ginger taste in it. 

Next, according to the schedule - it was time for light exercises. Cycled to the clubhouse with Aiden and Ian plus 600ml of water. Broke quite a sweat cycling uphill - a very satisfying workout. At 830pm, I had juice #6 - Almond Mylk (not a typo!) for dessert. And it was quite a good dessert too. Loved the milky consistency and delicious taste. This one is the best of them all! Took a long bath, 300ml of water and retired to bed early... all as per the detox schedule.

The detox schedule and cleanse checklist.

So my verdict? Despite the numerous toilet trips, there was no suspicious smell at all. Possibly because I cleanse my colon frequently using Teh Orang Kampung (a cheaper option too). I had hunger pangs, but they were cured after every bottle of juice. (Although I was very tempted to have a bite of Hubby's mee goreng that night... but I persevered!) *yeay* I felt fresh when I woke up the next day and noticed a marked difference in energy, so that's good. I also lost 1.5kg, mostly water... And gained 500gm the very next day to make a total weight loss of 1kg.

Would I repeat it? Probably not, as I think you can probably concoct your own juices based on detox guides online. Although I have to admit, certain ingredients in the juice, like kale, is not easy to find in our country (unless it's Chinese kale i.e. kailan *grin*). But if I do try it again, I would probably buy the juices individually. The juices are about RM12 each. Logically, 6 bottles will cost plus/minus RM72, so why pay RM99? Probably because of the cooler bag (RM25) and organic nuts (RM6).

Bottom line is, detox - good. Price - not so good.

Oh by the way, this is not a sponsored post. Good luck with the detox!


  1. I choose alfalfa & herblax from shaklee to detox! cheaper choice...besides, we also can DIY our detox juice at home!

    1. Yup,I've tried Shaklee's alfalfa before, but to boost my milk supply. Good to know it's for detox too. But I agree, there are so many DIY detox recipes we can try. Antara rajin atau tak jer ;)

  2. Salam Puan Liz,

    I have been looking forward to a juicing detox, what a timely post. Thanks for sharing your verdict on cost, and I guess I am busy enough to fork out the RM99.

    Here's to clean diet!

    1. Wsalam... Yes I fully agree with you. You don't need to detox all the time anyway, so RM99 is a small price to pay for the convenience. (Maybe I should mention that in my post!) Good luck with the detox, and let me know how it goes!

  3. tula i wonder kenapa rm99 sbb i beli around 70 gitu..rupanya sbb accesories kot...mcm i dah bwk siap2 cooler bag coca cola yg dpt free tu..hehe!

    Eh btw, i suka smua juice dia except yg ada xpresso tu...sensitive to caffein..yg hijau2 smua i suka, sampai i beli murah version slow juicer.. and buat ikut sebiji ingredient dlm GG tu, the taste is about la juiceria tapi asben i ckp tak tak phm mana yg xsedap, lebih ginger ke or what..

    tp bila dgr ur review on GG tu, now i realise...oo..maybe mmg certain org tak le terima..hahaha..

    maybe i should blog about this juice la..(ok dpt idea entry br..hehe)

    1. Wah, you suka the green ones? I memang tak boleh telan langsung, I guess sebab memang sebab sejak azali I tak suka makan sayur. Hehe... different people different preferences ;) How's the slow juicer going?

  4. You just need one cooler bag. Use the cooler bag for your next detox.

    1. Yup agree. Cooler bag can be reused in the future.


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