Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Herb Garden?

I have always wanted my own herb garden.

Well let me rephrase that. Since Malay cooking does not really use much herbs... it isn't really fair to ask for a herb garden. Instead, I want a garden where I can just petik daun limau purut, or daun kunyit or even belimbing buluh whenever the recipe calls for it.

Now that my gardener has dedicated the patch of land outside the house for non-decorative plants, my maid has been hard at work every evening tending to her beloved pokok kari, daun kunyit, daun pandan, serai and pokok pisang. So Hubby then suggested that we just continue adding to that patch of land, this time with other plants of my liking.

Off we went to Sg Buloh!

(Set your Waze to Hospital Sg Buloh. Once the hospital is on your right, continue further and take the second junction on your left. Then be prepared for the urge to buy everything you set your eyes on because you will be spoiled for choices!! Don't forget to negotiate on price!)

Woah, unlike decorative flowers, these vegetable plants don't come cheap! If you want plants that are already flourishing to about half your height, be prepared to fork out RM15-20 per plant. If you fancy some durians, a small pokok durian can go up to RM40 per bag. Since I am well known for not having green fingers, I chose the smaller sized plants (and just hope they grow!!)... which was about RM8 per pot.

Our haul for that day.

So what did we get? From left to right (in the picture above), we bought belimbing buluh, parsley (for aglio olio!), mint leaves, daun limau purut, limau kasturi, pegaga, petai (cue big laugh here!) and daun kesum.

Hubby also decided to chop down our banana tree... it didn't look as if it was growing any further, probably due to the trauma from us moving it from the front of the house to the back of the PE.

Let's just hope it matures on its own!

Our back door leading to the plot of land behind the PE. You can barely see Hubby hard at work in the background.

Let's hope my dream of having a thriving "herb" garden comes true. If it does, and you're ever in the neighbourhood, feel free to have some for your own use! *smiles*


  1. Awesome haul!!

    I plan to add more herbs in my garden too :) Your garden looks beautiful.

    1. Hehehe jom jom join me in my quest for the perfect herb garden. I've been looking high and low for bunga kantan though. Have you noticed how expensive they are nowadays!!! Huhu. Thanks for the compliment... I owe it all to my gardener ;)

    2. We have our own bunga kantan at home. My Parents in law planted them ever since they first moved into the house. Yes they are quote pricey nowadays so normally we'd just pluck from the garden haha.

    3. You are so lucky! Bunga kantan is so hard to find nowadays... even Sg Buloh does not have them.


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