Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Pit Stop Boys

Saturday morning is almost always reserved for washing the car! And if it is not done on Saturday, the activity would then be brought over to Sunday morning. That's how much dedication the boys (Hubby included!) have over the car.

Although I am no big fan of washing the car, I certainly appreciate the father-son bonding during this activity. Most importantly, I appreciate those precious minutes when the kids are out of my hair! So while Hubby is busy lathering his baby with soapsuds, Aiden sprays water to rinse the car, whilst Ian... erm Ian just plays with the car wax bottles, he's helpful that way!

Last weekend was no different. Incidentally, the boys were in their Lightning McQueen pyjamas (with checkered pants) and they looked just like a pit stop crew, only way cuter!

My pit stop boys!

Aiden's interest in washing the car has been evident since he was just a little toddler. He loved accompanying his daddy outside, using his tiny fingers to scrub the rims. (Child labour law, anyone?) Hence nowadays, it is simply natural that he takes his role seriously. He is not only responsible for rinsing the soapsuds away, he is also given the responsibility to scrub and wipe the car. The only thing he is not allowed to touch is the wax!

Check out Aiden's focused face!

Ian on the other hand, is responsible for carrying bottles around. Heh - i'm just glad he hasn't slipped and fell so far!  

Engrossed with the soapsuds on his arms.

Have you ever heard about this joke, where a man shows the number of products he uses on his car, versus how many he uses on himself???

Sounds familiar??

Well, here's my Hubby's range of product that he uses on his car. As for the range of products he uses on himself... let's just say he enjoys using my Sothys facial wash, Bath and Body Works body wash, Shiseido shampoo (without the conditioner, thank god!) and sometimes when he runs out... even my Rexona deoderant! Luckily toothbrushes are sold in a set of two, if not I'm sure he would trespass to that territory too!

Ian trying to figure out why his Daddy needs so many bottles to wash one car.

The other attraction that makes washing the car so enticing for the kids... is of course the water play! And not just water play with rinsing the car... but Hubby even makes the effort to inflate the inflatable pool and places the garden slide into the pool to make a mini water slide. Toys optional, depending on what the kids drag into the pool.

The slide even has a hose attachment to make it into a water sprinkler.

A big splash from Aiden... Ian of course followed suit soon after.

So this is how my kids bond with their Daddy. Cheap and effective too! Do you and your kids have regular bonding activities that I can replicate with Aiden and Ian? Do share!


  1. Most handsome and adorable cuci Beamer pit crew ever (let's ignore the child labour and protection of minors for now, we know they are just modelling and playing!).

    SubhanAllah really cute duo!

    1. Hehehe thank you! They really enjoy the water play, no doubt. I wish they can stay this small and cute forever. And I hope they enjoy washing the car (and spending time with Daddy) even as they grow older, insyaAllah. ;)


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