Thursday, May 21, 2015

So Much More!

Have you ever noticed how whenever we’re on our smartphones, sometimes we merely nod at whatever our kids say? Here I am getting cozy on the couch, trying to post a status on my Facebook; and Ian walks up to me, pats my thigh and starts on his baby talk. I nod my head at whatever he is saying. He continues prodding me by climbing on me and pointing out to something. Out of the corner of my eye, I spy that his ball had rolled under the couch and he wanted my help. *cue guilty feeling*

Sounds familiar? Well, instead of just putting down your smartphones, why don’t you try something extra? Give him a bubble bath instead! Studies have shown that parents put their gadgets away when giving their child a bath (no one wants to get their mobile devices wet!)… And in turn, you get to give your little one your undivided attention that he/she deserves.

Annually, approximately 8 billion baths are given using Johnson’s products. 8 BILLION!!!

Johnson’s Baby Science of the Senses is bubbling up a brighter future for Malaysian babies by advocating parents to make bath time as bonding time. By using Johnson’s Baby bath time products, you can even make your child’s bath time a multi sensorial playground. The four step ritual starts with a relaxing baby massage with Johnson’s Baby baby oil, cleaning your baby with Johnson’s Baby top to toe wash, moisturizing baby’s skin with Johnson’s Baby lotion and powdering up with Johnson’s Baby sweet smelling baby powder. Don’t forget that post-bath cuddle too!

I just love nuzzling Ian after his bath time. It is true; one of the scents people around the world associate most with baby is the scent of a Johnson’s Baby baby product.

Oh the power of bath time! Enjoyable scents have been shown to improve baby’s mood and alertness. Infants given routine touch and massage are more likely to experience weight gain and increased bone mass. Playing with bubbles even help babies develop hand-eye coordination while splashing helps teach them cause and effect. This is certainly Science of the Senses!

Johnson’s Baby and KPJ Ampang Puteri recently joined forces to launch the So Much More campaign – an initiative to educate young parents to optimize their baby’s brain development and overall well-being through a multi sensorial stimulation bath time.

Officiating the partnership between Johnson’s Baby and KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital at the launch of the So Much More Campaign.

 Launched by YB Datuk Hjh Azizah Datuk Seri Panglima Hj Mohd Dun, she called for Malaysian parents to focus on having quality time with their children to ensure they grow up to be smart and stable for the future of Malaysia.

There was also a panel of experts on hand where they discussed the use of Science of the Senses in optimizing baby’s development. Did you know that by just three years of age, 85% of baby’s brain is formed? Hence every experience leading up to this helps to shape baby’s brain. Johnson’s Baby certainly gives So Much More to help this multisensorial stimulation – what a baby feels, smells, hears and sees during bath time.

Panel of experts leading the discussion.

Scha al-Yahya, celebrity mum of little cutie Lara Alana, was also there to share her joys of motherhood and her approach to baby care through multi-sensorial stimulation.

Fielding questions from the floor.

Beautiful Scha.

I couldn’t resist a photo opportunity with Scha herself.

So the next time you’re bonding with your baby over a bath, remember to stimulate their senses using Johnson’s Baby baby products. Optimizing your baby’s brain development is now just a bubble bath away!

Mummy bloggers enjoying bubbles scented with Johnson’s Baby baby products.

Adorable cupcakes served at the media event. Duckies taking a bath, with Johnson’s Baby bath products, no doubt!

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