Monday, May 25, 2015

How I Spent My Bonus - Part 2!

Awww... you cannot seriously believe that I would fail to purchase a handbag with my bonus, right?

The piano that I bought in How I Spent My Bonus - Part 1, was merely smoke and mirrors. I was just trying to distract you from my actual splurge, which is quite a no brainer actually - a new handbag!

But this time, instead of keeping to my earlier vow to only splurge on a Chanel whenever I have a baby.... erm fast forward to just a year later, I found myself carrying home a Chanel paperbag! *cue scream of disbelief yet again*

No, no... it's not another Chanel classic jumbo double flap, nor issit the medium (although the medium flap is calling out to me, oh so loudly). *drumroll* I bought myself my first seasonal flap! The bag is called the Chanel Coco Shine and it is part of the spring/summer collection of 2015.

Looks like it's instant noodles for me daily for the rest of the year! *chuckles*

Instead of bombarding this post with tons of pictures, here's a video of the unboxing of my new Chanel Coco Shine in electric blue patent with silver hardware... just the roll of the name on my tongue is enough to make me sigh in delight. *sighhhhh*

Okay fine... I cannot resist. Here are a few photos of my new baby:

The box! Despite it being a seasonal flap, it still comes with a magnetic box and all.

The iconic Chanel camellia.

Not only is it electric blue, it's patent too! I'm such a sucker for bright eye-catching colours.

The leather handle... very comfortable on the shoulders too!

Stickers still intact. (Don't worry, I took them off already!)

Love the miniature logo on the classic Chanel logo.

Matches beautifully with my new Ferragamo heels too!

Just for the record, Hubby was miraculously supportive over my new purchase. Here's proof:

Our typical husband and wife banter. That last statement of mine was said in complete sarcasm, no worries! *giggles*


  1. Replies
    1. Hehehe Farah... jom splurge on a handbag and kita makan maggi bersama sama ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Hahahaha fellow shopaholics can always read each other's minds. Right???? ;)

    2. I bought my little girl and I a piano last year, I truly understand the hardwork-reward-gratification chain of values, and why you mark your achievements through those lovely purchases.

      Shop on, girl!

  3. liz, everytime i read your posts i'd be mentally commenting but smhow it always failed to materialize. but this post i kena jugak comment ehheeheh. super love the color!! just got another jumbo which made me feel i have to puasa chanel for d nxt few years as the price is just simply too ridiculous now!!! enjoy your new bag darling! p/s: u look so slim!!

    1. Alaaaaa... so nampaknya you will only comment on my blog when it comes to handbag related posts eh? Does this mean that I need to get another handbag to get you commenting on my blog again? :P *alasan* Oh my... a Jumbo??? In what colour? *drool* Chanel's price will always be ridiculous. Problem is, if you don't buy now, next year it gets even more ridiculous hehehe

      P.S: Mane ade slimmmm. Still carrying this pouch I inherited from carrying Ian *sigh*

    2. serious u look good! while i on the other hand... *sigh* i shall try to diligently comment more ok, not just on hbag posts heheheh. am thinking of reviving my blog but we shall see if i can find the time to write.

    3. Yeayyyy please revive your blog! Can't wait to read about what you have been up to ;)


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