Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day for a Mother of Two!

Happy Mother's Day to all my readers!

First and foremost, I hope your husband remembered to wish you. *chuckles* Discounting birthdays and anniversaries, this is probably the only other day when a woman can expect to be spoiled silly by her husband and kids. As for me, Aiden makes cards at his school for almost every other occasion of the year, so even if my husband forgets, I can almost guarantee that I would get a card from my son. (There is absolutely no chance for him to forget, anyway - since Aiden has been excitedly whispering plans for Mother's Day with his Daddy almost daily... I overheard breakfast and a present... oooohhh can't wait!)

So come Mother's Day... I rolled out of bed, only to be greeted by the sight of my three boys sound asleep. The house was absolutely quiet, especially since my maid was on leave.

(Huh, what happened to breakfast in bed??? Shouldn't my profession deserve a day off on Mother's Day? Oh well... tough luck!)

I got to work preparing breakfast. Next, woke the house up and went off for a Resident Association meeting. Close to the end of the meeting, I got a call from Hubby saying that Aiden wanted to "wait to have breakfast with Mummy!" Heh - no wonder they were so quiet throughout my meeting... they were preparing my Mother's Day breakfast!

Aiden excitedly showing the Mother's Day card he made for me.

My 'surprise' mother's day breakfast.

Guess what! Apart from the card from Aiden, there was also another homemade card (obviously done last minute by dear Hubby... *grins*), flowers, a Mother's Day sash and also a pink crown for me to wear throughout the meal! (They obviously ransacked my party craft room for this!)

Apart from the reheated roti canai, the nasi goreng and scrambled eggs were as prepared by yours truly earlier in the morning... Well, it's the thought that counts!

I was so moved by Aiden's words in the card... *sniff sniff*

My Mother's Day sash and Hubby's card... next time get a store-bought card please, Hubby! *smiles*

Since it was the weekend, the kids had their routine classes to go to, so my Mother's Day celebration only resumed much later. We went to Gardens for an early dinner, and I was pleasantly surprised with my Teriyaki Salmon... crispy skin and tender on the inside, paired beautifully with udon mee. *drool*

I would gladly have a second helping of this!

A Mother's Day treat to myself, courtesy of Sephora. Don't tell Hubby! *shhhh*

So that was how I celebrated my Mother's Day - simple but memorable. I hope you had a great Mother's Day too!

P.S: Hubby... I'm still waiting for that spa trip!
P.P.S: Aiden, I was moved when you proclaimed how Mother's Day is a day for me and how I could have "anything" without having to ask Daddy; then much later you managed to convince me to buy a Star Wars light saber for you whilst I came home empty handed.... Wow... how did you manage that??? *kisses*


  1. ya allah sis...beruntung u sis + so sweet of aiden & ur husband. happy mother's day to you sis.

    1. Awwww thank you dear. Happy Mother's Day to you too! ;)

  2. Happy Belated Mothers Day Lizzie :)

    Does that Fab Pore works?

    1. Happy belated mothers day to you too dear! ;) hope you had a great one.

      The Fab Pore is actually makeup remover wipes (with pore minimizing)... I've tried only one sheet and had a tingling sensation which according to the packaging - is to be expected. Can't see any difference from one sheet yet hehe. And my clarisonic has yet to arrive. Sighhh


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