Friday, May 29, 2015

Goreng Pisang Cheese Bukit Jelutong

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you would have noticed how extremely anal I am about hygiene. One of my biggest pet peeves is people touching my food. Especially when that person is selling the food for my consumption. It absolutely tickles my nerves!!

In my ideal world, anyone selling food should be wearing disposable gloves or using tongs to handle their wares. Gloves should then be taken off when handling money. This practice is noticeably absent at food stalls by the road side. Sometimes, even the small stalls in shopping malls do not use gloves! *shakes head*  I had an especially bad experience with Leko Leko in Plaza Alam Sentral... she started off strong using tongs to handle the hot keropok lekor, but then she got frustrated with using the tongs to stuff the keropok lekor into the paper bag... and started using her hands! It was such an awkward moment for me. Should I tell her off, refuse to pay and walk away? On the other hand, she fried the keropok lekor just for me (there were no other customers in sight), it costs only a couple of ringgits and I felt sorry for her to lose a sale. *sigh* Sometimes I am too nice. In the end, I paid for it and then threw it out.

So when I found a food stall that actually met my hygiene standards, I simply had to share it with you! Our local goreng pisang stall in Bukit Jelutong not only serves scrumptious goreng pisang cheese, but they also use gloves. I also noted that they do not use the gloved hand to receive money from customers.

(I had another annoying experience at another stall, where the lady actually used her hand to hold the block of cheese and started grating it on top of my goreng pisang. Erkkk... yuckssssss. That one went straight to the bin, of course.)

They even entertain drive thru orders too!

One hand gloved (to handle food) while the other was not (to handle money).

Crunchy and cheesy, lip smacking good!

Check out those strings of cheese oozing between each piece of goreng pisang. *drool*

Do you have any particular pet peeves when it comes to food hygiene? Have you ever told off someone for mishandling food? Do share. Remember, halalan toyyiban is not just about being pork/alcohol free, but also safe, hygienic and clean.


  1. i need to move to this neighbourhood...mine turn sucks from great simply because we dont have any good goreng pisang here.. apatah lagi goreng pisang cheese. yang bersih!!!

    1. Hehe Diyana, I'm sure the BJ neighbourhood will welcome you with open arms. Drop by for the goreng pisang cheese whenever you are in Shah Alam ;)

  2. stall dia dekat mana eh ? area dekat dgn petronas tu ke

    1. Yes, area dekat Petronas, depan Mydin. ;)


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