Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Conversations with Aiden

Aiden had a phase when he loved squeezing people's cheeks. Unfortunately in this photo, he squeezed the cheeks of an anak dara orang. *giggles*

A good friend forwarded the above photo to me recently. Boy, it was certainly a trip down memory lane. I do miss those days when Aiden was a cuddly toddler, speaking with a slight pelat and all.

Nowadays, we have some pretty interesting conversations. His innocence sometimes stump the hell out of me:

Aiden: *while watching cartoon on TV* Mummy, how long is a platypus tail?
Me: I don't know Aiden, why don't you ask Phineas and Ferb.
Aiden: But they are in the TV, they are not real!
(As my mind was whirring to find a smart answer without having to use Google, he continued...)Aiden: I wish I had a platypus.
Me: Where in the world would I find one!
Aiden: In India
Me: India?? Do you know where that is?
Aiden: Yes, my friend is from there.
Me: Who??
Aiden: XXXX! (name deliberately hidden)
Me: Noooo... he's tricking you.
Aiden: But he's brown!
Me: *sigh* Aiden, just because someone is Indian, doesn't mean he is from India. 
Aiden: But you said your boss is American and he's from America!
Me: *speechless*

And another time, while I was driving our new car:

Aiden: Why did you sell our old car?
Me: Cos it was giving us some problems.
Aiden: What problems?
Me: When we braked, there was a sound.
Aiden: But that's just a sound!
Me: Okay there was also once, I tried to brake and it didn't stop. Also sometimes, the car jerks.
Aiden: Wow, that number two one is a serious problem (haha Manglish!)
Me: Yes it is!
Aiden: So what did the person who took the car did to it?
Me: He sold it to someone else. (I meant the used car dealer)
Aiden: But that is dangerous!
Me: Ermmmm well he fixed it first then sold it.
Aiden: So why didn't you just fix it?
Me: *speechless*

*giggles* He actually had a point!


  1. Mummy nak new car.. thats why didnt fix it... hahahah...
    itu baru sikit soalan bernas...
    amboi gambar atas tu... feeling habis..

    1. Itulah, Mummy pulak kantoi nak kereta baru instead of fixing the old car :P Banyak lagi soalan dan jawapan bernas yang kadang kadang Mummy tak terjawab, tapi tak sempat nak tulis kat blog :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, certainly very smart because he left me speechless on both accounts! ;)


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