Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First Day at Big Boy School!

New school boy hairstyle. Goodbye rambut jambu! *cries*

Yesterday was Aiden's first day at Big Boy school. After an extremely successful orientation day just a few days ago, I guess I got complacent by assuming that he would adapt easily to his new school life. It turned out not to be as easy as I thought.

Initially, it all went well. He ate his lunch, got dressed and even posed outside the house with his new hairstyle. During the photo shoot, he started complaining about the weather. But then the van arrived, and he got on it, all pumped up and excited.

Holding on to his neck, still not used to having to use a tie to school.

Happy face in the van.

It got worse as soon as he arrived at school. For starters, Aiden is not used to the new schedule of going to school in the afternoon. By the time he got to school, the sun was shining brightly above his head. As soon as he arrived at the school gate (I was already waiting for him there), he complained about the heat, tugging on his collar and tie with both hands. Because of this, he refused to listen to instructions (what more smile at the camera), so I ended up having to take his hand and help him find his classmates. When we finally found the line for his class, he kept protesting that those weren't his classmates, even going as far as to claim that he had never seen them before and they were not in his class when he took his orientation exam. All this, just because he couldn't find his friend Hisham in the said line. *sigh*

I tried to pujuk him, even pointing out to their class tags and comparing it with his, but he simply refused to believe me. In the end I just forced him to sit in the queue and wait. He gave me a sullen look and sat.

Muka tak puas hati... no smiles at all!

The kids were then led into the hall for their first school assembly. He followed the line and then sat with the other kids, still refusing to acknowledge them as his classmates. *shakes head in dismay* Very stubborn, this one!

The assembly was held in Malay (of course!) but I doubt Aiden understood even a quarter of it. Soon I saw his eyes wandering around and then staring into space. He was bored to death!

First school assembly for Aiden!

Parents were not allowed to enter the hall, so we waited outside. 

Real Kids gang reunited!

The school assembly was extremely longgggggg. In the end Hubby and I left the school compound as we had some errands to run. We made a pit stop back home as well to pick up Ian and then rushed back to school for Aiden's recess time.

We arrived a few minutes after the bell, so by the time I walked to the canteen, the Standard One kids were already there. I panicked for a bit, because I didn't provide Aiden any bekal, nor did I give him any pocket money (because we were going to be there with him). In the end I found him sitting beside Hisham and some of his other classmates, and beckoned for him to follow me for a crash course in buying food from the canteen.

The first thing he asked for was a cold drink, so I taught him how to line up to buy drinks and gave him some money. I told him he could choose anything (from the fridge) and pay for it himself. Guess what? His face lighted up, all the bad mood from earlier simply disappeared. He was super excited at the prospect of going 'shopping' for drinks with his pocket money!!! #futureshopaholic??? He got even more excited when the guy handed him his change!

His chosen menu for recess - kuey teow goreng and Milo packet drink. Muka terus senyum!!!

Ian insisted on some money for himself too!

Back in the hall after recess. Ian was checking out a boy's bag... which featured his current favourite character - Lightning McQueen! Once he even grabbed the bag and attempted to run off with it! *chuckles*

At last, a genuine shocked face smile!

Finally in the classroom. Animatedly showing Hisham, his change from the earlier purchase of the Milo packet drink.

Sharing a light moment with his best friend, Hisham.

So that was how his first day went. I guess the key to getting my child to love school is to sogok him with pocket money and the promise of 'shopping' at the canteen. Terus looking forward to school the next day! *giggles*


  1. Lain betul muka aiden gambar no 4 and gambar last bila compare dengan gambar 1... muka big boy sangat.. handsome...so dapat satu kelas dengan bestfriend la finally..

    1. Hehe muka #1 tuh muka tahan panas. Muka #4 tuh muka bad mood. Muka last tuh happy bila jumpa best friend! Macam macam drama on the first day of school hehehe

  2. Aww first day are always the trickiest! Looks like he is alright. :)

    1. Yeah, overall he's alright. Takde drama nangis nangis or anything like that. But he just needs to get used to the routine, and of course the heat. Mummy and Daddy ok jer kat public school, I'm sure he can survive too hehe ;)

  3. I was looking at the side bar featuring all ur birthday postings, Aiden's 2nd, 3rd 4th, 5th 6th and now he is in school gosh.. time flies man.. haha

    1. Awwww... you are right! This blog has been with him since day 1, and suddenly he's going into formal education! Gaaaahhhh time sure flies! ;)

  4. Aww so you guys chose governmnt school in the end! big boy already Aiden;) btw Liz, can I know what camera do you use? so nice and sharp!

    1. Yup, Alhamdulillah Aiden's Malay is improving slowly but surely. Lets hope he survives public school! So far so good hehehe. I am currently using the Samsung EX2F. I've been using it for over a year now. Love the pictures. And I can also transfer direct to email, FB and other Samsung gadgets. Haha probably time for a camera reveal, eh? Hehehe


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