Sunday, January 3, 2016

Aiden's Orientation Day

First time in school uniform!

Huge milestone for Aiden last week - he attended his orientation day at Big Boy school! 

We slept late the night prior to the big day. Not because we were busy ironing his clothes or anything like that. But because we were busy cramming for his written Malay diagnostic exam! Let me give you an example of what he wrote that night: *shakes head in dismay*


Despite the late night, he still woke up early come the actual day. Not much fuss showering too; must be the adrenaline plus excitement of seeing his new school for the first time. He looked so matured in his school uniform! *sigh* Why does he have to grow up so fast? *double sigh*

We arrived in front of the school just a few minutes before the stipulated time. It was unplanned, but Danya arrived at the same time too! So of course, we took shots of the kids in the school compound first before registering. *excited mummies*

Kindy mates, and now school mates! Aiden looking so comfortable in his school uniform, hands in pocket and all.

After registering, we had to put them in line according to their assigned classes. Since Danya and Aiden registered on the same day, they were placed in the same class. There were two lines though, one for the girls and one for the boys. As Aiden and I were walking towards the end of the line, suddenly he pointed out to someone and exclaimed, "Hisham!!! Mummy, Hisham is in the same class as me!" Aaahhh this is turning into a Real Kids reunion after all!

An R2-D2 amongst the sea of Frozen and pink princess backpacks.

He kept touching his collar... I suspect because he is not used to having to wear a tie all the time.

Waving in excitement, walking to class.

After watching the kids walk to class for their exams, the parents slowly trickled into the school hall for the introductory briefing.

Excited parents!

After the briefing, we were allowed to meet his class teacher. While Hubby settled the registration fees and stuff like that, I went to pick up Aiden from where he was taking his exam. As expected, the Real Kids gang was playing noisily at the back of the class. Memang reunion nampaknya nie! Aiden even told me that at the start of the exam, the teacher had to ask Aiden and Hisham to change seats because they were making too much noise!

Haven't seen that scary green card for a longggggg time.

After that, we walked to the canteen for a well deserved brunch. A dear neighbour recommended that we try the roti canai. She was right, the dhal that came with the roti canai was very tasty. Aiden on the other hand, had mee goreng... And even asked for a second plate!

We tried teaching Aiden to buy food, counting coins and waiting for change, but it didn't really work out so I guess I'll just give him packed food at least for the first few weeks until he gets the hang of handling money.

Sedap sangat mee goreng kat sekolah nie eh, Aiden?

One more day until his actual first day at school. Can't wait! Wish us luck!


  1. All the best, Aiden! Big School is going to be so much fun!

    1. Thank you! InsyaAllah Aiden will have fun learning and making new friends at Big Boy school. ;)

  2. Aiden looks mature,all the best boy..

    1. Tuh la, he is possibly the tallest in class! Memang nampak mature sangat ;) Thank you for the wish!


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